How to List Your Dallas House for Sale in 5 Easy Steps

Your home is one possession you want to make the most of in a financial transaction. Learn how to list your Dallas house for sale here.

Did you know that both home sales and home prices are on the rise? In fact, as of June 2021, homes in the US are selling for almost 25% more than they were in 2020!

This means there’s no better time to list your Dallas house for sale. That said, selling your home isn’t as simple as deciding to do so. A lot goes into the process, especially if you want to sell your house fast.

To learn how to list your home and sell it in the least time for the most money, just keep reading!

1. Start With Your Real Estate Agent

Can you sell your home yourself? Absolutely. But whether you should is a different matter entirely. 

Listing your house FSBO (for sale by owner) is much more difficult than hiring a professional, and often results in your house sitting on the market for more time and selling for less at the end.

A real estate agent has the knowledge and experience needed to help you get the most out of the sale of your home, not to mention, also access to the MLS database. They do take a small percentage of the sales price, but it’s worth the investment!

2. Set Your Home’s Price

We all think our homes are priceless. It’s where you’ve spent years building memories with those you love most, if not decades. Of course, you think the very best of it.

But the amount we think our homes are worth is usually a bit higher than reality. If you’re thinking, “What’s the fastest way to sell my house?,” you have to price your home to sell.

Now this doesn’t mean pricing your home for less than it’s worth. It simply means setting a competitive price, one that will bring you a profit but prevent your home from sitting on the market for months on end. 

3. Create a Schedule

We get it: your goal is to sell your house fast. And you can! However, to sell your home in the shortest amount of time possible, you’re going to need to prep beforehand.

Your home sale preparations should start as soon as you decide to move. Preferably, you’ll give yourself at least a few months to get everything in order before listing.

This means staying organized and creating a schedule. In this schedule, set a timeline including decluttering, packing, inspections, repairs, staging, cleaning, and listing.

4. Get a Home Inspection

To prevent any unexpected hiccups for you and any potential buyers, it’s a good idea to get a home inspection before listing your house. This inspection will alert you to any necessary or recommended repairs that can increase your listing price and get your home in the hands of new owners faster.

Yes, this takes a little bit of extra time and money. But the last thing you want is for a sale to fall through because of an unforeseen repair.

5. Stage Your Home

At this point, you’re almost ready to list your home. The last thing you need to do is get it photo and tour ready. This means completing any small repairs you’ve been putting off, clearing away all clutter, and deep cleaning every nook and cranny.

If you won’t be living in your house while it’s listed, consider hiring a staging crew. These professionals can make your home look the warmest and most welcoming for potential buyers.

You’re Ready to List Your Dallas House for Sale

Selling a home is never an easy process. But by using this guide, you’ll find it much easier to list your Dallas house for sale. After all, it’s much easier to reach your destination when you have a map to follow! 

In need of more advice and information to make selling your home a breeze? Take a look at our blog for tips on everything real estate.


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