Recycle Old Computers: How Does It Work?

How does one recycle old computers? Read on to learn all about the process of recycling old computers after they are no longer needed.

Are you ready to toss your old computer?

Stop before you head to the landfill!

Less than half of discarded computers are recycled. Only 33% of computer monitors even make it to a recycling facility.

Unwanted computers aren’t food waste. Typical garbage isn’t packed with sensitive data. Someone could discover your old computer in a landfill and access the hard drive.

Throwing computers away is a big security risk. Plus, computer parts aren’t biodegradable, which raises environmental concerns.

Recycle old computers the right way with these easy tips and tricks.

Talk to the Original Manufacturer

Many shoppers are on the lookout for great deals on computers. Instead of buying new models, customers can buy refurbished computers at lower prices.

Refurbished is frequently confused with used. Refurbished computers are used models updated by the manufacturer.

For example, DELL lets customers trade in their old computers for rewards. DELL (or a third party) refurbishes the old models to resell them. Some manufacturers have their own recycling programs too.

This next part is crucial.

Before you recycle old computers, you must delete all data, not just search history. You should also perform a factory reset before handing the computer over. Save your data to a flash drive to avoid losing important information too.

Sell Your Computer Parts

Why not make some money before getting rid of your computer?

Start with your local computer repair shops. Do they buy old computer parts? Several electronics retail chains buy used computers too.

Craigslist is another option. Plus, you can set your own prices.

Take high-quality photos of your computer parts. Write a detailed description and be honest about the parts’ condition. These tips will encourage a faster response.

Facebook Marketplace is a Craigslist alternative. You could also list your computer on eBay.

Do you have more unwanted items to sell? Why not hold a garage sale?

A working computer will sell really fast. You could also bundle the computer parts and sell them at a discount.

Again, wipe your computer clean before selling it!

How Businesses Recycle Old Computers

Businesses can’t afford to put their security at risk. Secure computer recycling isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential.

Wiping data yourself isn’t enough. Articles on discuss the importance of full data eradication. Businesses also need asset recovery when their data is compromised, driving the need for reliable IT asset solutions.

You can also donate old work computers to schools, nonprofits, and libraries. Donate the parts to a STEM program that teaches kids how to build computers!

Electronic recycling plants are similar to regular recycling facilities. Computers are dissembled, and the recyclable materials are separated into metals, glass, and plastics.

Work with recycling companies that also remove data before destruction. You don’t want a data leak on your hands.

Recycle Computers Without the Stress

Don’t risk your sensitive data. Recycle old computers with a trusted IT asset solution. Wipe all your data before trading in your computer for an exciting, new model.

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