Breaking Down the Cost of Rental Property Cleaning Services


Owning a rental property is a lot of work, and making it profitable means managing your time and resources well. Not only do you need to juggle renters and upkeep, but the cleaning can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive.

Finding a cleaning service you can trust requires time and research. Rental property cleaning services make managing rentals a breeze when you find the best fit for your needs. 

Consider these factors when finding the right cost and rental cleaning service for you. 

Rental Property Cleaning Services

The breakdown of cleaning services depends on the type of cleaning, the frequency of cleanings, and the size. It is essential to find a cleaning service that treats your property as their own to ensure your guests’ satisfaction and peace of mind. 

The Basic Services

Rental or apartment cleaning services for people moving out typically costs $35-$60. This includes surface and floor cleaning. 

Commercial cleaning costs around $0.11 per square foot on average. The price varies if the space is smaller with a weekly cleaning service versus a larger office space that may need daily cleaning.

Great vacation rental cleaning considers health safety codes like sanitation. Average prices for turnover cleaning services range from $60-$180 depending on the size of the apartment or house. 

Basic services typically include cleaning products. Be sure to ask if there are any particular cleaning products you prefer such as a green or hypoallergenic kind. 

Some cleaning services include a background check for employees to make sure your property is in good hands. Research the customer guarantee/satisfaction policies, payment processes, and reviews before committing. 

Extra Cleaning Services 

Extra services need deeper cleaning and attention to detail. Places that collect dust like baseboards, fan blades, and vent registers.

The two locations that rental guests comment on the most are the kitchen and the bathroom. Deep cleaning can include the oven, fridge, baseboards, cabinets, and tile grout. Any stains on surfaces will need special effort and products to be removed. 

Frequent Services

By scheduling weekly to monthly services, you benefit from discounts. Check with your rental service to find what discounts they offer and schedule your cleaning in advance. 

Once you have found a trustworthy cleaning service, make sure to pay them well and provide helpful reviews to keep their business growing. The success of a rental depends on the rental owner and cleaning service. Quality cleaning services mean satisfied guests and rental owners. 

Your Rental Property in Good Hands

Rental properties can require more care and upkeep than a typical property.

Finding the right rental cleaning service for your rental property can be a process that is worth the time it takes. Doing the work up front saves you time and money in the end. 

Consider convenience over quality and take your time to make sure you have the best rental property cleaning service for you, your properties, and your guests.


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