Womply Lender Secondary Review Meaning?


A lot of people have been asking about the Womply lender secondary review meaning. Well, I can’t blame them since this is not really an easy topic to talk about. So don’t be surprised to other a hundred other people asking about the meaning of this term on the internet. Especially when it comes to Womply users who have been experiencing some problems with the status Lender Secondary Review.

Let’s learn about the meaning of Lender Secondary Review status at Womply. Perhaps, you will be able to learn the real reason why you’re getting this status and why it takes so long to receive your PPP loan from a lender.

The meaning of Womply Lender Secondary Review

Lender Secondary Review refers to an application that is undergoing a secondary review by the lender. This could mean that a problem was reported by SBA. Another reason that is plausible is that you have another application for a PPP loan, and then it got flagged by SBA. This is apparently a common problem that many Womply users didn’t know about.

Although, there are also other reasons why you are getting the Lender Secondary Review status on Womply. These reasons are more complicated than the ones I explained above. If you think you have never applied with another lender before, and this application was your first time but are still stuck in Lender Secondary Review status, this might be it.

When things get complicated, all you can do is just wait until you get an update from Womply. You can also try going into your Womply account and the Review Application button. See if everything is fine with your application or not. Unfortunately, you cannot contact your lender directly, and I understand your frustration. It is pretty much the policy at Womply.

Another downside to all this chaos is that the customer service at Womply is simply the worst. They don’t answer people and don’t answer on the phone or on social media. So remember this the next time you are stuck and don’t know what to do besides waiting.

Recommendations to avoid Womply Lender Secondary Review status

First, make sure you don’t have other duplicate applications for PPP loans. Contact SBA to confirm this if you want to play it safe, and then just wait until the Lender Secondary Review is changed to a different one. The second is to be patient and wait 8 weeks before you apply your second draw.

Lender funding (Womply)

This refers to the process when your lender is still in the process of funding your application. You will receive your loan through ACH transfer if the bank details you provided are correct. It may take up to 20 days from the day the SBA approves your PPP loan for lenders to finance your loan. Next, you can sign the promissory statement, and you will receive funding for up to 3 business days.

Womply lender funding failed

If you see this message, it’s not a glitch. According to the official statement from Womply, this happened because the bank details you provided were wrong, your Bank rejected your payment, or your account was closed. To solve this, you can connect your account to a new bank account through manual or instant verification.

Borrower funded (Womply)

This means that your application has been approved. You will receive the money in your bank account in one or two days. Your bank will notify you when the money has arrived.


There you have it, some problems and solutions when you are using Womply. I hope that you won’t get confused anymore as these problems can be frustrating. Not to mention that the customer service at Womply is poor. Nonetheless, I hope this article can be useful for you in the future.

Also, please remember that most people receive the Womply Lender Secondary Review after they applied for the second draw too early. You need to wait at least eight weeks since your first draw before you can apply for the second draw. So, for example, if you apply five weeks after your first draw, you will receive the Lender Secondary Review, which can be confusing. If you check Womply’s Twitter account, you will see people complaining about the status because they applied too early.


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