Why HVAC Maintenance Is Crucial for Homeowners

Why HVAC Maintenance Is Crucial for Homeowners

Just like a car, your home’s heating and cooling system requires regular maintenance to run smoothly. Unfortunately, many households neglect this vital chore.

Key informants told us that the need for repairs far exceeds the capacity of local organizations to deliver it, especially for low-income households. Moreover, a number of these homes are concentrated in areas that are both vulnerable and overlooked.

It Prevents Breakdowns

A well-maintained HVAC system runs more efficiently, which saves money on energy bills and extends its lifespan. In addition, HVAC maintenance catches problems early on, so you can spend only what is necessary on repair or replacement costs.

Even in Delaware’s three counties, the scope of repair needs exceeds the current capacity to complete these repairs. Key informants pointed out that a loose network of approximately eight organizations can provide home repair assistance to, at most, 1,000 low-income households per year—nowhere near the number in need of repair.

Often, these homes are substandard and present health risks for occupants if left unaddressed. It includes housing with leaky roofs, mold and mildew, and unsafe wiring. Preventive maintenance is essential to ensuring that these risks don’t become more serious.

It Saves You Money

Getting your system cleaned regularly reduces the energy needed to operate it. Dirty filters and worn-out components can make heating or cooling inefficient, leading to higher utility bills.

Although changing an air filter is simple for any homeowner, many HVAC maintenance Delaware tasks require expertise. It will lessen the accumulation of contaminants and enhance the air quality within their homes.

The study also found that low-income homeowners need help addressing substandard housing, which requires repairs that would significantly impact the health of occupants, either immediately or over time.

However, key informants report that limited resources and capacity limit the number of repairs completed for these households. Increasing the capacity of home repair programs through partnerships with local hospitals and healthcare organizations will help to address this need. It will also benefit the 25,000 households in need of assistance.

It Keeps You Comfortable

Your HVAC system has the power to make your home a more comfortable environment. However, it only works at peak efficiency when it’s maintained regularly. A licensed technician thoroughly cleans and tests various components to keep the unit working correctly. Eventually, this reduces energy consumption and your utility bills.

A new HVAC system could help you save even more money on your energy bills by offering better efficiency. 

Enrolling in an annual maintenance plan is the best way to prepare your HVAC system for winter. 

It Keeps You Healthy

Professionals clean your system’s heat exchangers and other parts during HVAC maintenance to remove any impurities. The system will then operate more efficiently, requiring less power and reducing electricity costs.

Dirty heat exchangers can also lead to poor indoor air quality, aggravating allergies, and asthma and making you more susceptible to infections. HVAC maintenance keeps your system clean, ensuring it operates appropriately and providing safe indoor air for you and your family.

DIYers can save money by doing HVAC maintenance, but this can be dangerous if you need the right tools or knowledge. For example, wearing insulated gloves when handling electrical wiring is essential, as improper use can result in damage or injury.

Another way to reduce energy bills is to install an ENERGY STAR-certified heating and cooling system. It can reduce energy usage, slash utility bills, and qualify you for rebates through Energize Delaware.


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