Cannabis Legalization Doesn’t Mean Risky Travel is Allowed

Cannabis Legalization Doesn't Mean Risky Travel is Allowed

While the usage of cannabis is now legal in Colorado, its status isn’t quite on par with grabbing a soda. Especially when traveling, residents still have to pay attention to where they are and avoid conditions that would put them and others in harm’s way.

Similar to alcohol consumption, cannabis now has a limited use status in the state. And, when traveling, the user has a responsibility to make sure they are not operating a vehicle on public roads while under the influence.

Driving While Impaired is Illegal, Period

Driving under the influence of any product can end up putting a resident in front of a court with a driving under the influence felony charge (DUI). Marijuana, in these situations, gets the same treatment as drinking as well as being under the influence of prescription narcotics. A licensed driver has a predefined duty to drive their vehicle safely and protect others.

Operating under the influence contradicts this responsibility, displaying at best a lack of caution and at worst, a disregard for safety. Courts don’t view either favorably. A DUI isn’t merely a civil penalty; it’s considered a criminal charge, potentially resulting in more than just a fine—incarceration is also a possibility.

Watching Out Where One Travels

Remember, Colorado is a mix of territories, and it’s within a very short distance from other states. That means the laws change when a driver exits Colorado’s territory and enters that of the federal government, a reservation, or another adjacent state.

The legalization of Colorado for its residents doesn’t automatically transfer everywhere else. The federal government still considers the use or possession of marijuana in general as an illegal offense on federal territory. That includes national parks, monuments, wilderness areas, and facilities.

Travel Smart and Plan

A smart traveler in Colorado maps out where local dispensaries are located, making it easy to enjoy cannabis without having to travel long distances with it. For example, Mountain Annie’s Cannabis Dispensary has locations in Cortez and Ridgway, providing convenient access in these areas for locals and visitors alike to enjoy their products without hassle.

Finding a location like this avoids the territory issue, and cannabis consumers can prevent any legal issues as well. Travel wisely, and consume cannabis responsibly. You’ll have a nicer trip, fewer headaches, and spend more time enjoying life.


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