Why Confidential Shredding Is Important

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Privacy is also of utmost importance for businesses. Paper copies of personal data are less protected than database entries. Paper documents are not covered with passwords and are thus easily accessed by the public. Therefore, businesses must take all possible actions to protect private information.


A confidential shredding Boston is essential for a variety of reasons. Your company may need to destroy personal data, such as blueprints of your latest products or sought-after information. Not only is this information sensitive, but it may also fall into the hands of your competitors. Your new customers may also trust your company with sensitive information, which means you must ensure you properly dispose of all that confidential data before giving it away.

The quality of shredded material is an essential factor in your company’s operations. There are many factors to consider when determining the level of security you need. Confetti cut and cross-cut shredding are two options that provide superior quality to strip-cut shredding. Confetti-cut shredders outperform strip-cut varieties in all categories except price. This means you can rest assured that your company utilizes the most secure, environmentally friendly method of shredding confidential documents.

Protects Private Information

The process of securely destroying documents containing PHI is critical. According to HIPAA and HITECH regulations, it is essential to destroy PHI properly. If you want to keep sensitive information safe, you should shred them as soon as possible. Confidential shredding services can help. The following tips can help you protect PHI. When shredding documents, use the correct bin and follow all instructions.

NAID certification requires shredding services to keep up with the constant changes in data security laws. Because of the continuous changes in the rules, NAID-certified organizations must change their policies to reflect the most current requirements. 

Comply with HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and GLBA

Compliance with the federal regulations of HIPAA, FACTA, SOx, and GLBA can significantly impact your business. These laws are designed to protect the privacy of health information for individuals and employers. Noncompliance with these laws can result in steep fines and even prison time. If your company is not compliant with these regulations, you could be subject to the consequences.


Paper shredders are used to dispose of sensitive papers. The size of shredded pieces depends on their security level. Micro-cut cutters can shred documents into strips, but paper shredders have a more extensive range of slicing speeds. As a result, the details are less easy to patch together. They also need regular maintenance, which is not always practical for average consumers. However, it would help if you always were cautious when shredding documents.

You can find paper shredders with varying run times and security levels. Some can shred staples, paper clips, and credit cards. Others can shred compact discs, which often contain confidential information. These types of shredders are available in different styles and colors. While buying a paper shredder, keep in mind the speed of the paper shredder and the number of sheets it can process in one session.


Before calculating the cost of confidential shredding, you must first determine what kinds of files you have and the type of service you need. The cost of shredding will depend on several factors, including the volume of your materials, whether you want to use an off-site or mobile service, and whether you require a certificate of destruction.

It will help if you remember that you’re not only dealing with big businesses. Individual households can also benefit from document destruction, preventing identity theft and ensuring privacy. For example, many people shred documents after tax season to keep their identities safe. You can even hire a company to provide containers for personal papers and shred them once a month. When calculating the cost of confidential shredding, you should consider how often you need the service and how much it costs.


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