Tips to Save Money With a Firewood Delivery Service


There are several ways to cut your firewood consumption and save money with a firewood delivery service. These methods involve getting your wood supply more frequently and storing it yourself. You will also save on delivery fees if you can deliver your wood yourself. However, if you are planning on relying on a service to supply your wood, you should first consider whether you will need a weekly or monthly delivery.

Wood storage

First, understand the costs of producing large amounts of firewood. Firewood delivery services must deliver wood at least once a week, often more often, to prevent customers from running out.

When choosing a wood delivery service, consider the following tips: Make sure the wood you select is cut and stacked evenly. It will make storing the wood easier if it is uniformly stacked and keeps moisture and mold. Always purchase your firewood in advance, as this will help you save between $50 and $100 per cord. Also, be sure to read the contract carefully before signing any contract.


If you’re thinking of starting a firewood delivery service, you can follow a few tips. First, ask a few questions and get as much information as possible about the price and delivery method. In most cases, firewood prices are based on availability and location, so expect to pay between $50 and $150 for a cord of mixed hardwood. Also, ensure that the firewood delivery service provides a receipt, so you can prove you purchased the wood.

Ask for their business cards, and ensure delivery and production capabilities are listed. If you are buying Firewood Farms beech firewood for restaurant use, you should ask if they can give you priority status and a good price. Be prepared to bargain for priority status. This way, you can get the wood you need at the lowest possible cost.


Suppose you’re looking for the most efficient way to burn wood; use softwoods. They burn hotter and produce less heat than hardwoods, but you can also save money by using hardwoods. Hardwoods have a higher heating value but are harder to ignite. And because softwoods are easier to split, they can cost less, too. However, these types of wood may not be as clean as hardwoods, and they’re harder to start than their harder counterparts.

There are two main categories of wood: hard and soft. Hardwoods are trees that shed their leaves year-round, while softwoods don’t. Hardwoods burn hotter and produce more heat, but they can’t be used in wood stoves or as kindling. Softwoods are perfect for campfires, and they produce a high-quality flame. You can mix softwoods with hardwoods to freshen a slow fire.

Single customer

One of new business owners’ first mistakes is relying on one customer for all their firewood needs. While most commercial customers would wait for lower-cost firewood, the firewood market is still relatively new and has room for growth. Listed below are tips for saving money on your firewood delivery service. Follow them to make the most of your customers and your business. Once you get your business off the ground, you’ll have a strong foothold in the market.

Online resources

Using a firewood delivery service is convenient, but wood quality can vary widely. For starters, firewood from other areas may not be treated correctly and can harbor invasive insects or fungi. Instead, experts recommend purchasing local wood. Here are some tips to help you save money on your firewood delivery service. First, consider the seasons. Winter and early spring are prime selling times for firewood.

When selling firewood in bulk, consider selling it to a local grocery store. Although the profit margin may not be as high as selling to a single customer, the volume of wood sold can often make up for that. Also, a grocery store doesn’t need multiple customers; they need local customers. And they’ll be happy to pay you a competitive price, too.


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