The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Your Credit


In 2020, 120 million Americans, or about half (47%) of all adults, had credit card debt.

Building credit became harder in 2020 than it’s been in years. Policy changes still affect what you need to do to boost your credit scores, but they make it harder to build or repair your credit unless you have a lot of money. So what can you do to build your credit fast?

You need to avoid some common credit mistakes in building your credit score quickly. Here are some dos and don’ts for anyone trying to build their credit fast. 

Do Get a Copy of Your Credit Report Form

There are a few key things to keep in mind when building your credit. Firstly, do get a copy of your credit report form.

This will give you a good overview of your credit history and where you currently stand.

Don’t Miss Any Payments

Make sure that you make all your payments on time, every time. Missing due payments will damage your credit score. It will then make it harder to get approved for lines of credit in the future.

You must also keep your balances low and avoid maxing out your credit cards. This will help you avoid paying interest and will help you improve your credit score. High balances can also hurt your credit score and make it more challenging to manage your finances. 

Do Apply for Different Types of Credit

Applying for different types of credit is an excellent way to start building your credit history and improve your score. But, it’s important to only apply for credit you need and can afford.

Don’t open too many credit accounts at once. This can look like you’re desperate for credit which will hurt your score.

Do Search for the Right Card for You

When searching for the right credit card, you should ensure that the card you are considering offers rewards that fit your spending habits. Read the terms and conditions of the card before you apply to ensure you understand the card’s policies.

Also, take time to compare interest rates and fees between cards to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Don’t Fall for Piggybacking

If you’re looking to build healthy credit, don’t fall for the piggybacking tactic, where someone with good credit adds you as an authorized user on their credit card. This can actually hurt your credit score in the long run.

There are many things that you must learn to be able to build a high credit score. You may learn more about credit repair classes online to achieve your goals.

Are You Interested in Building Your Credit?

When you have a healthy credit history, then you can enjoy several benefits. One would be getting approved for higher credit limits. Also, you can get bigger loans from different financial institutions with a high credit score.

But, when your credit score is low, your chances for credit approval are slim. No need to worry; there are many things you can do to be successful in building your credit. Following these dos and don’ts are only a few ways to establish and maintain a good credit history.

The first step to improving your credit is having the right knowledge. We cover many topics on our website and have numerous other resources you can access.


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