Nicolle Wallace and Michael Schmidt Wedding Pictures

Love is truly an unpredictable thing in this world. No wonder so many are interested in Nicolle Wallace and Michael Schmidt wedding pictures. Some people would find love in unexpected places and times. And that is also true for Michael Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace who have found love at work.

This unexpected development was first noticed by the audience of Deadline: White House. Some people said they noticed a change of appearance in Nicolle. They noticed that Nicolle was wearing a ring on her finder, which looked exactly like a beautiful wedding ring.

Then people started speculating that Nicolle got married to a lucky guy. Before long, the situation developed rapidly when Michael Schmidt, a guest of the show, was seen wearing a wedding on the same day. This is when people’s suspicion of her marital status started to clear up.

Nicolle Wallace and Michael Schmidt are married!

According to the reports, the wedding celebration was gorgeous, fitting for their devotion and love. However, that’s all we got about the wedding so far as the couple has not made any public statement regarding the wedding or their marriage.

This is a bit weird if you think about it. A lot of people have been asking to see the wedding pictures of Nicolle Wallace and Michael Schmidt, the couple hasn’t released them to the public yet. It seems like things are going to stay like as they want to keep their marriage life private. Something that is only for their family and friends, which we should understand.

Nicolle Wallace and Michael Schmidt first met in 2015 when they appeared Deadline: White House. They were apparently already dating back then and have been a couple until today.

If you didn’t know already, Wallace is a famous political analyst for MSNBC, and she started her career on the network in 2014. She is famous for her role as an Author and Television Host and centered her career around politics in multiple shows as well.

On the other hand, Schmidt isn’t too far away from Wallace’s world. He is a famous author and journalist who has exposed many high-profile people and a correspondent of the news outlet New York Times.

Schmidt was the person who exposed all those letters sent by none other than Hillary Clinton. The news gained so much traction that Schmidt became a hot sensation back then. Furthermore, those letters sent by Hillary Clinton, which contain confidential information, was sent via a private email while she was still working as the Secretary of State.

Before marriage

Back to the couple, they have been dating for several years before announcing their engagement status in 2020 February. Despite being a high-profile couple with high-profile careers, Nicolle really doesn’t want their relationship to be exposed to the public too much.

She wants their private life as a married couple to be private, especially after the fact that she got divorced once to her ex-husband, Mark Wallace. It’s also mainly the reason why Nicolle doesn’t want to reveal much about the wedding. However, we know that Nicolle has one son named Liam from her previous marriage. While Schmidt had never been married prior to meeting Nicolle.

The wedding ceremony

As mentioned above, the wedding ceremony was gorgeous. It really showed the love between Nicolle and Michael. They both are well-respected in their respective fields, and have found happiness together.

Nicolle Wallace and Michael Schmidt made their relationship official in a private and humble ceremony on Captiva Island, Florida, on April, 2, 2022. The wedding was attended by family members and close friends of the couple, including some of their colleagues from MSSNBC.

Nicolle looked really beautiful in a sleeveless ivory wedding gown. We know now that the gown was designed by Gabriela Hearst. Meanwhile, Michael Schmidt was wearing a navy-blue suit and a white shirt. He looked really dashing in the wedding.

All in all, even though a lot of people were surprised by the wedding, it’s obvious that Nicolle and Michael are really in love with each other. Many fans and supporters are happy with the marriage and have been sending them many kind words on social media. And we are sure that their marriage is going to go strong no matter how many hurdles come their way.


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