Paving Contractor: How They Keep Your Paved Surface Long-Lasting

A paving and Concrete contractor in Orlando, FL (or anywhere else you are looking to hire one) works to enable the construction of roads, driveways, and parking lots. These professionals are experts who can work on residential or commercial projects and usually report to a general contractor or construction manager.

It is essential to ensure drainage is working correctly during the paving process. It will help keep your paved surface long-lasting and prevent water damage from the rain.

Pavement Repair

Pavement repair entails fixing damaged pavement surfaces to make them better for drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. It includes repairing potholes, fixing broken pavement, and replacing cracks and other damaged areas.

Fortunately, there are many asphalt repair and brick paver restoration options to choose from that will address the cause of the damage without removing and replacing the entire pavement system. However, a more comprehensive solution is needed when the damage is extensive and severe.

Alligator cracking is a condition that results from the weakened pavement, poor installation, improper drainage, or extreme weather conditions. This type of asphalt cracking may be repaired with a full-depth patch that fixes the surface issue and addresses the underlying structural weakness.

Edge cracks run length-wise and perpendicular to the center of a paved surface. These cracks are caused by soil drying and shrinking, heavy traffic, poor drainage, and nearby plants.

Hire the best paving company near me with the right experience and skills to keep your pavement looking its best. A professional paving company can advise you on improving your road or sidewalk, help you pick suitable materials, and provide high-quality work that will last.


The excavation work that a paving contractor does helps prepare the surface for construction. Whether the project involves a building, roadway, or bridge, excavation is vital in ensuring that the area will provide a strong foundation for the structure.

The paving process requires careful planning and the use of equipment to ensure that all aspects of the project are completed safely and to plan. All workers must be adequately trained in the use of any equipment used. A paving company should also ensure the site is fully cleared and any drainage is set up before paving starts. It will ensure that your pavement will last for a long time and that rainwater is directed away from your house. Excavation can also help uncover artifacts from historical or archaeological sites, which may provide valuable insights into the area’s past. These findings can add value to a home or business and help to tell the story of the community’s history.


Paving contractors use their skills to lay down new or resurface existing pavement on roads, sidewalks and other surfaces. They also perform repair work for cities on paved surfaces with cracks, potholes and further damage. Homeowners hire residential paving contractors to install new driveways, patios and concrete floors or repair structures like steps and walkways. They may also specialize in landscaping, installing poured surfaces and laying stone products such as pavers or outdoor tiles.

It will protect you if something goes wrong while they are paving your driveway or commercial parking lot. Much of their work is completed while traffic passes nearby, so they must be comfortable working in busy environments. Also, they must be prepared to work with different trades on a project’s duration. Those who work with hot asphalt should be aware of the potential for toxic fumes and extreme heat.


The concrete work that a paving contractor does includes installing poured pavement for driveways, patios, sidewalks and other exterior surfaces. It also includes repairing and removing existing asphalt or concrete pavement. Paving begins with preparing the soil surface to place the paved area. It consists of leveling and compacting the existing soil and reworking any soft or muddy spots where it exists to stabilize the subgrade. A gravel and sand base layer is added to the new paved area to facilitate drainage. After a final grading of the paved surface is complete, grid reinforcing steel is installed to provide additional strength to the new concrete.

The paving contractor will begin concrete laying by setting the pavers in the prepared base. After the paving is finished, they will sweep the sand and fill in any gaps that may have been created during installation. They will then seal the paving with a durable, high-quality sealer.


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