Home on the Range: The Best Cities in Kansas to Live In

Are you looking to put down roots in the Sunflower State? Take a look at the best cities in Kansas to live in, so you can learn about your options.

Considering a move? You’re not alone! The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many families and individuals to dramatically reimagine their lifestyles and living situations.

If you’re looking for a place to relocate within the U.S., Kansas is one of the great places that’s still under the radar. With an approachable population of 2.9 million, a low cost of living, and a location that’s well-connected to the rest of the country, you will love the perks of living in Kansas.

That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best cities in Kansas to visit and live.

Kansas City

It may seem obvious, but Kansas City is at the top of our list for a lot of reasons. Kansas City boasts a diverse population and access to the best of art, music, and culture in the state.

Kansas City is really like several great cities in one. Some of the best places to live in Kansas City include the suburbs of Mission and Lenexa.

Mission has a population of just under 10,000 and is the first suburb of Kansas City. It has a great smalltown Midwestern aesthetic with all of the best modern conveniences.

If you want something a bit bigger, Lenexa has a population five times larger than Mission. It is a great place to live if you work in tech or construction. Lenexa is home to many highly educated residents and offers great salaries.

Roeland Park

Roeland Park is one of the best small towns in Kansas. A charming suburb, it is home to just under 7,000 residents. It’s also within the Kansas City limits.

Residents say Roeland Park feels like a little village and has a warm, neighborly feel. It’s also incredibly affordable if you’re planning to rent before buying a home.


Wichita is one of the best places to live in Kansas for families. It boasts excellent schools, an excellent public university, and a low cost of living.

Wichita also offers broad access to culture and entertainment. From monster truck shows to country music to opera and ballet, you will find whatever you need to satiate your palette.

If you’re looking to sell your Wichita home and move to one of Kansas’s other incredible cities, we buy houses for cash, too.


Leawood should probably be at the top of our list, but in this case, we’ve saved the best for last. As the best-ranked place to live in the state, the best suburb, and the best place to raise a family, Leawood is a triple threat.

In addition, Leawood boasts adorably charming neighborhoods where people truly take pride in their homes. If a tight-knit community with high property values and great schools is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it here.

Best Cities in Kansas

All of the best cities in Kansas are ready and waiting for the right residents to move on in.

Whether you’re looking for a small town or a bustling city vibe, a tight-knit community, or access to the best public schools, there’s a place for everyone in Kansas.

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