Get Quivering Orgasms Instantly: The Best Vibrating Sex Machines in 2022!


Seeking sexual pleasure is one of the natural ways our body and mind seek to heal themselves. Promoting better health on top of pleasure, clitoral orgasms are the best and quickest way to reap the benefits of being a woman. Clit stimulators are must-have sex toys for any female who wants to improve the way they achieve clitoral orgasms.

From the regular vibrators to a super-sonic clitoral sucker, sex toys have evolved to cater to a plethora of needs. Moving forward we will discuss the way a sexual machine works and the way its features can improve your sexual endeavors.

Benefits of Clitoral Stimulation

Regular old hand-to-gland combat is the pillar of sexuality for many women around the world. While this feels great, manual masturbation or pillow griding can get pretty boring really fast so sex toys help elevate your intimate bedroom sessions, providing instant orgasm with each use.

Considering that the clitoris is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to female pleasure organs, sex toys can help stimulate the deep clitoral nerve endings, that your finger’s pressure could never reach, flinging you into a world of newfound pleasure.

Improvements in technology have made it easy for clitoral stimulators to imitate real oral sex, so even if your partner can’t find your ‘love button’ the best vibrating sex machine will!

Not only do clitoral orgasms feel amazing, but they also release “happy” hormones and improve your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn brings better orgasms. So the more you orgasms, the better you orgasms – if that isn’t enough reason to pursue clitoral pleasure every day, then what would be?

Clitoral vibrators vs Clitoral Suckers

Clitoral stimulators, and female sex toys in general, have mostly been designed to either resemble penises or to be as discreet as possible, while still delivering proper clitoral stimulation. 

Usually, with clitoral vibrators, the stimulation comes from internal motors that oscillate to create the vibrations we are used to finding in most sex toys. These buzzy vibrations are usually louder and usually stimulate the outer nerve endings of the clitoris and vulva and are great for users who like the regular vibrations.

On the other side, a clitoral sucker is quite different. While it still has the intent to provide clitoral orgasms to the user, it is not powered by vibrations. vibrating sex machines utilize “air-pulse” technology to create wave-like pulsations.

The virtually contactless pulsating stimulators mimic the feeling of suction against your genitals, penetrating deep enough to stimulate both the internal and external parts of the clitoris. The best sex machine should provide deep sensations within your pelvic area without overpowering the delicate skin.

While both types of clitoral stimulators offer a shortcut to amazing orgasms, a vibrating sex machine is an excellent addition for solo sexual experiences!

The best vibrating sex machines

Overall best fucking machine – Lelo Sona 2 Cruise 

Although their products may be on the pricier side, the brand Lelo has become a household name when it comes to sex toys for women, and fittingly so – they have created the best sex machine according to Bed Bible’s testers and reviewers. 

On top of the convulsive air pulsations, that penetrate deep into the inner parts of the clitoris to trigger intense squirting orgasms, what makes the Sona 2 Cruise stand out is the patented Cruise Control technology.

This means that if you apply more pressure on your clitoris with the Sona 2 during the heat of the moment, the internal motor will detect this and increase the power to counteract the pressure – providing consistent stimulation without slowing down.

Made from a single piece of premium-quality silicone, the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise clit stimulator is fully waterproof – great for some bubble bath fun! With up to 2h of runtime on a single charge, you can take your time exploring the 12 suction modes which vary from a light gurgle to intense pulsations.

With millions of sales under its belt, the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise is truly one addition to your toy chest that will never disappoint!

Best on a budget vibrating sex machine – Satisfyer Pro 2

There is no shame in wanting to get your squirt on for a cheaper price! Due to their unusual nature and design, clitoris pulsation devices can seem offputting to some and it’s understandable that you doubt the seemingly gimmicky designs of these sex toys.

For anyone who’s on a tighter budget, and/or wants to try an air-pulse stimulator for the first time, then the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the best fucking machine for you!

Imitating the feel of real oral sex, the pulsator delivers 11 modes of thumping stimulation, from beginner-friendly lightly flicks, to high-intensity pulsations that will take you where you need to be within a few minutes!

Convenient and easy to use, the stimulator head can be removed for easy cleanup and replaced if necessary. The silicone head is bigger than what is found on the average vibrating sex machine, meaning it can be easily adjusted to suit even the most elusive clitorises.

While not the quietest toy, it delivers powerful stimulation and will have you coming back for more after each use. What makes it different than other stimulators is that there is less suction and more of a thumping sensation which makes for a novelty orgasms experience.

Best combination clit stimulators – Womanizer Duo

If you’re looking to double down on the pleasure, or if a sex machine alone isn’t enough to suit your climactic needs, consider implementing a combination toy. When it comes to clitoral stimulation and the best sexual machine with combined sensations, Womanizer has got you covered. 

The high-end brand is well-beloved for its clitoris stimulating toys, however, the Red Duo takes the cake. With the addition of a vibrating bulbous head, this combination clit stimulator provides internal G-spot stimulation in 12 levels of intensity in both ends. 

The firm G-spot tip provides internal vibrations, while the fucking machine utilizes the air pressure tech to bring forward explosive orgasms – each feature is separately controlled via buttons, making way for customizable pleasure. Made from smooth body-safe silicone, the Duo sex machine is waterproof – making it easy to clean and even easier to use in the bath or shower.

Advertised as not safe for people with pacemakers, which is quite understandable given the intense quivering orgasms that the Duo clit stimulator delivers with each use.

How to choose a sexual machine

There are many factors that may come into consideration when you’re thinking of purchasing a sex machine. Whether you prefer powerful suction or need a beginner-friendly device, considering your experience is a good start. 

Staying informed on all the different features can help you narrow down the choice, and if you already own some sex toys at home, think about how they would pair with a new fucking machine. Additionally, you can consider your budget, since vibrating sex machines come in several price points.

If you are planning on using the clit stimulator on yourself, you can opt for a ‘hands-free’ sex machine, with a body that can be nestled between the thighs. Control-freaks can get down with app-controlled vibrating sex machines which offer additional features when connected.

A few parting words

Regardless of which vibrating sex machine you choose to add to your collection, make sure to prepare yourself and your body for the thrill ride of a lifetime. Drink plenty of fluids, set the mood, and calm your body before proceeding with the toys – lubrication is optional, however, it does help keep the clitoris irritation-free.

Providing intense orgasms, pleasure, and additional health benefits, clitoral masturbators are an essential addition to anyone’s bedroom – no matter the experience, there’s something for beginners and orgasm-hungry vixens.


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