Erasing Server Data: What Does It Involve?

Do you want to know more about erasing business server data but don't know where to start? Keep reading and learn more here.

Did you know that there were over 1,100 data breaches in 2020? That’s just one reason why many businesses have begun erasing server data.

Are you concerned that your small business data might fall into the wrong hands? Do you want to delete data without it affecting your server’s functionality?

The following guide will explain what server data erasure is and why it’s safe. Read on and learn how to protect the information of your employees and clients.

Complete Server Data Erasure

Completely erasing server data can be a difficult task. If you delete files or use the formating command it is not enough. Those methods of deleting data only remove file references and not the files themselves.

Deleted files can be restored using several available software tools. This can present a huge security risk if your company suffers a data breach.

You must overwrite the exact same storage space where the file was stored using specialized tools. That’s the only way to ensure that the data is deleted and unrecoverable.

Software companies offer customized erasure plans to make the process easy. It’s possible to erase data yourself using free tools. However, professional erasure is more effective and ensures server functionality.

Situational Server Data Erasure

Companies need to delete virtual servers and data of former clients. They also need their physical server running and storing other applications while doing so. Professional services can erase data without disrupting servers. 

It’s also necessary to delete serve data after a pilot project ends. If you don’t, you can’t test a new data analyzing platform because of regulations. You would have to work with a manufacturer in a test environment system.

You must always securely erase data old employee data from a live server. Old project data from research and development departments should also be completely deleted.

Businesses are heavily fined if they don’t securely erase personal data from applicants and former employees.

Professional Erasure Services

Remote wiping is a quick and secure way to permanently erase data. It’s effective for tablets, PCs, servers, and storage environments. The data erasure happens remotely from a central location point.

Some companies offer clients at-home software to erase data themselves. Clients receive a verified certificate after erasure to ensure them the data is unrecoverable.

Hardware is also available for data centers and IT facilities. The hardware is easy to use for mass erasure and loose drives.

There is also special software available to delete data from mobile devices. This is important if your business issues company phones to employees. These software types often back their results with tamper-proof certificates.

Ready to Clear Your Servers?

Now you know the importance of erasing server data and how it’s done. Erasure helps keep sensitive information of former clients and employees from exposure. It also helps avoid fines and can save businesses money.

We hope you’ve found this guide on erasing data helpful. Please check out our other business articles for more great tips.


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