Dab Rig Accessories – A Beginner’s Introduction

dab rigs accessories

Dab rigs are similar to water bongs in construction but contain less water than a standard pipe. Typically, they have a smaller base and fewer percolators.

The nail on a dab rig is called a banger and can be made of glass, quartz, or titanium. Most rigs have a carb cap that fits over the top of the nail once it is heated up.


Dab rigs are a modern way of smoking cannabis that offers a cleaner, more efficient, and more potent hit. These rigs are typically used with concentrates (dabs) rather than dry herbs and have more complex and advanced components than traditional bongs. Dab rigs also use much higher potency levels, so beginners will want to get familiar with the equipment and learn how to use it.

The base is the most significant part of a dab rig that holds water. Generally made out of glass, it may have multiple chambers and percolators to help cool and filter the vapor. This is important for beginners because it reduces the volume that vapor has to travel through before reaching your lungs and can make a big difference in how smooth your hits are.

Depending on your setup, your banger (a nail) can be either quartz or ceramic. Quartz nails are the most popular because they conduct heat well, are fairly sturdy, and usually come with beginner rigs. Ceramic nails are more fragile and require a much hotter torch to heat up, but they can provide a more pure taste and are an excellent alternative for those with allergies.

The carb cap is a small piece that you place over the top of your nail and can be found on various rigs. It allows you to reduce airflow, which can change the way your wax vaporizes.

Cleaning Cap

Dab rigs are all the rage in cannabis smoking, and for good reason. They provide a cleaner, more potent, and more effective way to enjoy concentrates due to their ability to produce vapor rather than smoke. Dab rigs are also much easier to use than traditional water pipes since they do not require a bowl and instead hold the nail.

Regarding dab rig accessories, you must keep a few key things in mind before buying your first dab rig. First, you’ll need a dab nail, a replacement for the bowl slide on a standard water pipe. These nails can be made from various materials, including glass, ceramic, titanium, and quartz. Each material offers a different level of performance and flavor.

Some dab rigs will come with a carb cap, which is placed on top of the nail once it is heated and will help to minimize waste by restricting airflow. It is unnecessary for all rigs, but it can be a great way to make your experience more enjoyable and hygienic.

Another accessory you should consider buying is a dab tool designed to remove concentrates from your container and transport them to the banger. These tools are easy to clean and can prevent you from getting sticky hands during a sesh.


The nail, also known as a banger, is the essential part of any dab rig. This piece holds your marijuana concentrates and is heated to a high temperature for vaporization. Typically made of titanium, quartz, ceramic, or glass, the nail is the core of any dab rig. Some rigs come with nails, while others require them to be purchased separately. Quartz nails are generally preferred since they don’t break under thermal pressure and provide better flavor for your concentrates.

A carb cap is also necessary, similar to a dome, but for the nail. The purpose of the carb cap is to cover your nail once you’ve dropped a dab and prevent any vapor from escaping or getting wasted. A carb cap is an easy way to elevate your dabbing experience and save money on wasted concentrates.

So far, the most significant difference between a dab rig and a regular pipe is that it needs a torch or heat gun for heating your nail before you can drop wax or shatter on it and inhale. You can also use a battery-operated electronic nail that heats up independently. If you’re using a traditional rig, place the nail on the end of your dabber tool, turn on your torch, and hold it over the nail until it reaches your desired temperature.


Dabbing is more intricate than smoking a flower out of a bong, but you can make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible with the right accessories. The essentials are reasonably inexpensive, and knowing what you need can help you avoid the costly mistakes that beginners often make.

A dab rig is a unique water filtration device that vaporizes dense concentrates with water. They typically consist of a glass body with a banger or nail made from titanium, ceramic, or quartz. They also incorporate one or more percolators to filter the vapor further and reduce its temperature before it reaches your lungs.

To properly use a dab rig, you will need a dabber tool. These are generally made from a non-stick material such as silicone but can also be made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass. A dabber tool can help you quickly handle and apply your sticky wax to the nail. You will also need a dab mat to keep wax from getting anywhere it shouldn’t be and protect your rig from damage.


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