Content Creation: 4 Powerful Content Types People Love to Share

Don't go blindly into content creation and marketing! Start using these content types to really move the needle with engaging your audience.

In a 1996 essay, Bill Gates famously declared that in the online world, “content is king.” In the decades that have followed, it’s become clear that he was right: today, we consume endless varieties of content online, with more options uploaded by the minute.

But in the modern world, finding the right formats for your marketing strategy can be tough. With so many types of content available, which one should you choose to earn those well-deserved likes and shares?

If you’re not sure where to go with your content creation tactics, here are a few content types to consider.

1. Videos

If you’ve been in the world of marketing for a while, it should come as no surprise that video continues to be the reigning king in the world of content marketing. YouTube in particular, as the second most-popular social media platform, is a great resource. Studies show that 62% of businesses choose to post videos there as part of their marketing strategy.

Because video is so eye-catching, it tends to be one of the most readily shared resources online. However, it’s worth noting that your video content matters: valuable content gets likes and shares, while useless fluff won’t receive the same welcome. To create the kinds of videos your business needs, learn more here.

2. Infographics

Images alone are shareable enough, but the right infographic can take things to the next level. Because they’re a great way of presenting complex information with simplified graphics, the digestible format appeals to us.

Research shows that infographics perform well for a variety of reasons: we’re visually wired creatures, they’re easy to digest, and they help us avoid information overload.

3. Long-Form Content

All the way on the opposite end of the spectrum is long-form content, or content with 2,000+ words. This content, which digs into detail on a topic, tends to get great results via social shares because it appears authoritative and trustworthy. In fact, people are more likely to share and link to content that is in-depth and well researched.

4. Lists and Tutorials

Given the fact that most busy readers love organized, skimmable content—especially lists with round numbers—it should be obvious why lists and tutorials make the cut in terms of the top share-worthy content. Both of these forms of content, provided that they offer real value and substance, can be a great way to learn something new on the go.

What’s more, the right lists and tutorials are free educational tools that offer expert analysis, commentary, and problem-solving tactics. In other words, this type of content performs well because it offers clear-cut solutions, and because readers love to share helpful solutions with those in their network.

Try These Formats in Your Content Creation Strategy

No matter what kind of business you run, the types of content above can move the needle in terms of your content creation strategy. That said, don’t forget the golden rule: above all else, provide value to your audience, no matter what format you’ve chosen. With careful planning, you’ll find it easier than ever to capture your audience’s attention, earn their trust, and encourage them to share your content!

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