Dating My Daughters: 10 Clear Rules You Need To Know


Here is the thing, having two daughters are really difficult, especially when they are old enough to start dating. I was surprised to see how many guys they are hanging out with and become more aware that their attitudes toward boys are changing. Obviously, I can’t just lock them up to make those boys go away, my daughters need to learn how to interact with people of the opposite gender.

So, to help me and the boys who are trying to date my daughter, I have 10 rules here that I want to share. These are rules and requirements that apply to my house and should be followed by everyone. Please remember that it is my job as a parent to make sure my daughters are safe and respected by everyone. I only want the best for my daughters, and I want to do this by making sure they only interact with boys who respect women.

1.      Look decent

A simple rule, but sadly many people don’t follow it. I don’t want anyone looking like a homeless person asking my daughter out on a date. If you don’t dress modestly, it means you don’t respect yourself and anyone around you. And it’s not difficult at all to dress well – wear a clean shirt and try to achieve a presentable appearance.

2.      No touching allowed

Touching is definitely a no. I love my daughters and still remember them sitting beside me watching cartoons when they were little. There is no way I will allow some boys to touch them inappropriately, especially in front of me. Besides, it is too soon for this kind of stuff anyway.

3.      Do not make her sad

Whenever I see my daughters feeling sad or crying, I will always get sad as well. It is simply one of the hardest things to see as a parent, and I am sure your parents would feel the same way when you are sad. So, let’s respect each other and make sure my daughter comes home with a smile on her face.

4.      Do not lie

Many boys think that they can lie to my face and get away with it. I am not an expert, but it is just so easy to find out whether you lie or not. Also, I am not a stranger to the internet. I can use a computer and other devices and look up things online.

5.      Have a job

If you are broke, don’t even think of taking my daughter out. Seriously, don’t expect her to pay for dinner or movies. I absolutely despise a leech of a boyfriend who does nothing but plays around. Have a job, get a decent paycheck, so you can take her out every once in a while.

6.      Spend time with the parents

Boys who don’t want to spend time with us parents are suspicious. What are you hiding? Is there something you don’t want us to know? I don’t consider myself nosy, but I don’t like it when boys are avoiding me. Look at me in the eye when we are having a conversation, so we can understand each other.

7.      Don’t date someone else

If you are dating someone else while you are dating someone else, then it’s over. I will always know when someone is cheating on my daughter. If I get a whiff of someone cheating on my daughter, I will hunt them down.

8.      Obey curfews

Curfews are not something to be ignored. I decide the curfews and I want you to respect the rules. The curfews are there to make sure my daughter is home on time and safe. Once the curfew is broken, I will track you down and remember that I will always know where you are.

9.      Get out of the car

Once you arrive at my house, don’t just honk. Get out of the car and come up to the door. This way I will know when and where you are taking my daughter out. Not to mention that this is the chance for my dog to get to know you.

10. My daughters decide their own rules

I know what you are thinking after reading these rules. But here is the thing, our daughters are smart, they know right and wrong, therefore, they can set their own rules. Our daughters know to respect themselves and are able to set their boundaries. Ask them what their rules are and respect them.


Dating our daughters comes with its own set of rules. The purposes of these rules are to keep our daughters safe and make other people respect them. That is basically it. So let’s learn to follow the rules and everyone will be happy.


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