Battle Vision Storm Glasses Review

Battle Vision Storm Glasses

The Battle Vision Storm Glasses are pretty much like sunglasses, except they are designed to be wearable at night, too. The main idea behind these sunglasses is that you can wear them while driving, no matter if it’s day or night. The sunglasses are also said to be able to block the blue light that’s coming from headlights at night. So they should be functional as well.

Each pair of Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses comes with blue frames and yellow lenses. They can be worn by either men or women of all ages. When you purchase a pair of Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses, you get a set of two instead of just one pair. Let’s talk more about this product in this article.

Battle Vision Storm Glasses Cost Breakdown


The best price that I’ve found for this product is $19.99 for a set of two pairs. You can also take advantage of the perks offered by some online stores to get a discount. Usually, you will have to use their coupons, limited-time promotions, mailing list, or membership to get a discount.

How it works

There is always a problem when driving during the daytime when the sun is shining directly at you. The blue rays from the sun could blind, and when this happens even only for a few seconds, it could cause a fatal accident. This problem is even worse during harsh weather conditions when things could be unpredictable.

Similarly, when there is no sunlight present, the same type of blue rays could come from the headlights of other vehicles. When the surrounding areas are too dark, the headlights from the incoming cars could be blinding and dangerous.

So these eyeglasses are designed to take care of these problems by blocking blue rays from reaching your eyes. Consequently, you can drive safely during daytime or nighttime since you can see the road clearly.


Here are some key features of the eyeglasses:

  • For men and women. These eyeglasses are designed to be unisex. Men and women of all ages can wear these glasses with no problem. Even a child could wear a pair of Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses.
  • Durable. Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses seem to be durable enough to stand abuse. If you clean them regularly, I am sure these sunglasses can last you for a lifetime. Furthermore, you will receive two pairs of Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses, so you can always wear another one if one goes missing or broken.
  • Come in sets of two. As explained before, you will receive a set of two with your purchase. This is perfect since you don’t have to worry about buying another pair for a spare. You may also leave one at home or give it to another person.
  • Athletic look. The design does have an athletic look, which makes these sunglasses ideal for when you are pursuing outdoor sports. They look so good for people who want to jog, play tennis or other sports, or just simply drive. You can wear them whenever you want.

Positive points

Here are some positive points of Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses:

  • Functionally. I can say that these sunglasses are functional. They do what they are advertised for. You can wear them whenever you want and still get the benefits that you’d expect. Once you put them on, you can clearly see them while driving or exercising. Ultimately, the Battle Vision Storm can help improve your safety while you are out driving or adventuring. It can be said that without these glasses, your safety is at risk.
  • Ideal in smoky conditions. One more benefit that I think is very important is the Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses can be beneficial in smoky conditions. Smoky conditions on the road are rare, but when they happen, you definitely want to be prepared. For example, a forest fire could happen unexpectedly, and getting trapped on the road due to the smoke could be fatal.
  • Useful in boats too. If you love cruising on a boat, then Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses could be perfect for you as well. Driving a boat either in the daytime or nighttime could be difficult, depending on the situation. This becomes especially true when you are driving your boat with the sunlight glaring down.
  • Can wear them while using a computer. One more underrated function of Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses is for looking at a computer monitor. The blue light from a monitor could irritate your eyes. You can block the light by wearing these sunglasses.

Negative points

Here are some negative points of Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses:

  • Prescription unavailable. Unfortunately, Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses are not for people who wear prescription eyeglasses since there’s no option of getting a prescription built into a pair. Therefore, if you wear prescription glasses, you are forced to wear Battle Vision Storm glasses on top of them. This is definitely not an ideal scenario at all.
  • No carrying case. I don’t know why they don’t include a carrying case. That means you’ll need to store these sunglasses somewhere safe in your car, so they won’t go missing. I personally am not a fan of this decision. Glasses should come with their own carrying case for easy carry and store. Besides, glasses are so easy to break due to accidents, and I certainly don’t want to sit on the Battle Vision Storm eyeglasses and break them.

Critical advice

Do not use chemical solutions or soaps to clean the glasses. Just use a clean piece of cloth to clean them as you don’t know what the chemicals are going to do to the lenses. It is recommended to keep the lenses at optimal conditions; otherwise the glasses will lose their purpose. Obviously, you need to get a piece of cloth first. I am sure you can find one for less than $1 from any optics shop.

Save time

Besides the safety the Battle Vision Storm glasses offer, I love how much time they can save. No more waiting on the roadside during a blizzard, heavy fog, or rainstorm. I can just power through these harsh weather conditions with the glasses on. Moreover, I can feel confident when I am behind the wheel wearing these glasses. I can see everything clearly, even during nighttime.

My Conclusion on Battle Vision Storm Glasses

I recommend Battle Vision Storm Glasses, they are a great product for people who drive a lot. These sunglasses can save your life and also save time that otherwise would be spent not moving due to harsh weather. The sunglasses are rather simple yet functional, and I believe that is a good thing for many people.


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