5 Ways Women Gamers Have Changed the Gaming Community

Gaming used to be a boy's club, but more and more women are now identifying as gamers. Read this article to learn how women gamers are changing gaming.

While video games are often portrayed as something for the boys, that is not the case. In the United States alone, women make up 41% of the gaming community. The gaming world is not just a man’s world.

The truth is it never was a man’s world. Women gamers have existed for many years. They’ve just been underrepresented.

However, women gamers are now gaining much more attention than they have in the past. Not only that, but their acknowledged presence is causing major changes in the gaming industry.

Read on to learn how women gamers are changing gaming for the better.

1. Changes in Marketing Games

62% of female esport gamers feel they aren’t marketed to at all. Game developers have recognized they are missing out on major profit by not marketing to females.

Online gaming platforms such as League of Legends and Honor of Kings have created advertising sponsorships and campaigns with high-end fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and MAC Cosmetics. These brands are typically targeted towards women, and these partnerships send a message that gaming isn’t just for guys or “tomboyish” girls. Women can love video games while still loving high-end fashion and make-up.

2. More Games Created for Women

More games are now being developed specifically for women. For example, the casino lady can play casino games online on Queenplay, the online casino for women. These games can even be played on a smartphone for women who prefer mobile gaming.

Platforms like this allow women to play games online in an environment that is more comfortable to them.

3. Challenging Sexism in Video Game Content

As more women become recognized in the gaming industry, there have been efforts to make video game content more female-friendly. To be more specific, some game content is being challenged for glorifying sexism and poor treatment of women.

For example, the Grand Theft Auto series is beloved in both PC and console gaming, but it has come under fire in recent years for a lack of strong female characters and for the objectification of women in its content. Recognition of these issues has arisen because of concerned female gamers, and it is making for a great push to make gaming content less misogynistic.

4. More Strong Female Video Game Heroes

The recognition of women in gaming has led to more games featuring strong women as main characters in games. Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider franchise remains a major standout. We’ve also seen new strong female characters arise such as Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Characters like this run counter to stereotypical portrayals of women in games, and that pattern is likely to continue.

5. Women Have Designed and Developed Iconic Games

Several male jaws may drop when they learn that several of their favorite games were designed and developed by women. For example, you can thank Jade Raymond for the inception and execution of the first Assassin’s Creed game. She also served as a lead for three games in the franchise.

Then there’s Naughty Dog’s scriptwriter and developer Amy Hennig who played major roles in developing several games such as the Uncharted series.

Women like Raymond and Hennig are responsible for games that several men and women have raved over for the past 15 years. Needless to say, their contributions to gaming are substantial.

Women Gamers Make a Difference

Women gamers have made major contributions to gaming. They continue to do so by pushing for the gaming industry to be less misogynistic in its content and marketing. Gaming is becoming much more inclusive, and that is a trend that must continue.

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