7 Living Room Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

It's important that you always feel at home, especially in your living room. Here are a few living room ideas to cozy up your main living space.

Do you spend a lot of time in your living room? According to this study, most Americans spend about 68 percent of their time in just two areas—the kitchen and the living room (or family room).

Are you looking to make your living room cozier? It doesn’t matter if you have a small living room—there are ways to get a cozy living room. Keep reading to check out these living room ideas to make you even more comfortable.

1. Use Warm Paint Colors

Adding some paint can really update your room’s look without spending much money. Get rid of the standard beige or cream, and go for some light and saturated hues that add a clean feel and look. Find some warm colors with cool undertones to make your space feel brighter and larger such as white with skylight blue or a smokey gray hint.

2. Add a Rug

Rugs are a vital component to make any room feel cozy. They brighten up space and add some warmth. For some living room interior design ideas, try to tie a look together and use different patterns and colors. Rugs are one of the first places your eyes go as you enter a room.

3. Bring in the Outdoors

If you want to feel at ease in your room, grab some items inspired by nature. Things like pile pinecones in a vase with a birch branch can be comforting. Keep fire logs near the fireplace along with candles and lanterns to feel nice and snug as the temperatures start falling.

You can also add some fresh greenery to warm up a room. Worried you don’t have a green thumb? No worries—fake plants look much more realistic these days.

4. Add Some Memories

This doesn’t mean cluttering up your living room with several knick-knacks. You should have well-placed items like photos to make you feel at home. Try giving everything a home by using things like Scandi-inspired shelving to make the best use of your space.

5. Use a Scent

Try updating your home fragrance to introduce each season. You can increase the ambiance of your room by just enticing your sense of smell. For example, use rich scents like frankincense or amber for fall or lilac for spring.

6. Discover Mood Lighting

Soft lighting can easily make a cozy living room. Use low wattage bulbs in lamps, or try some Edison bulb string lights. You can even use candles or flameless candles if you don’t want the danger of an open flame.

7. Declutter

You will never feel relaxed if you are surrounded by clutter. Make sure you take time to get things out of your living room that shouldn’t be there.

You need to do this on a regular basis to make sure it doesn’t get out of control. If you have things you want in there, try adding some baskets, a cabinet, or decorative storage bins that help hide your mess and also look great.

Use These Living Room Ideas to Get Cozy

These living room ideas will help you get comfortable in one of your favorite spots in your home. You don’t have to do much to improve your interior. Adding some warm colors, accessories, a rug, mood lighting, and fragrance will help you feel at ease—and don’t forget to declutter your space!

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