Why Sedation Dentistry is Important


There are many reasons to seek sedation for a dental visit. It’s commonly used to help minimize

discomfort during procedures and reduce anxiety for a more pleasant experience. Here are some

reasons sedation dentistry helps with dental visits:

It Reduces Anxiety

Dental anxiety is normal—even more common than not. A lot of it has no basis, though sometimes it’s

triggered by bad dentist experiences in the past. Fortunately, sedation is a solution to both reduce your

anxiety and receive the dental treatment you need.

It Minimizes Discomfort

Sometimes, sedation is an appropriate option for those who don’t experience dentistry-related anxiety.

For instance, if you have a lengthy procedure coming up, you can seek sedation to help you feel more

relaxed and comfortable during your visit. Consult your dentist about your options concerning sedation

for your upcoming procedure.

It Comes in Various Types and Levels

The type of sedation you receive is based on your dentist’s anesthesia privileges, your level of anxiety,

and the upcoming procedure. For example, if you have a lengthy procedure coming up but aren’t too

concerned, nitrous oxide—or laughing gas—might be an appropriate option. On the other hand, if you

have severe anxiety surrounding dental appointments, you should consider IV sedation. Ask your dentist

about nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation.

It Is Safe

Sedation dentistry services are safe. Most dentists get proper training on how to administer nitrous

oxide. Moreover, oral and IV sedation offerings require dentists to receive in-depth training on how to

provide these. That said, you can trust your dentist to safely administer these sedation methods for a

more comfortable dentist visit.

Anxiety shouldn’t stop you from receiving dental treatment, as postponing your trip to the dentist can

lead to dangerous oral diseases. Fortunately, sedation can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable at

the dentist without neglecting your oral health.


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