What to Consider Before Investing in Concealment Clothing for Travel

If traveling this summer, consider investing in concealment clothing to keep your valuables safe. But what exactly are the key features to look for in a garment?

First, check the garment’s comfort and design. Then look at the pocket configurations and closures.


The size is one of the most important things to consider before investing in concealment clothing for travel. If you carry a concealed firearm, you must find pants that fit correctly and are not too tight or loose on your waistband.

Shirts are another essential piece of gear to keep in mind. Choosing the correct size helps prevent printing while in use.

Silk shirts can be good options for traveling because they are so soft on the skin and are very lightweight. However, it is essential to note that silk can sometimes generate static in dry climates.

This can lead to a clingy or sticky shirt that may cradle the outline of your firearm and holster. This can be easily mitigated by wearing a tank top or a thicker material blouse that is less likely to cling.


When investing in concealment clothing, the fabric you choose will make a difference in your dress’s quality and look. It can also directly impact your comfort and performance as it will determine how long your clothes last.

Cotton: The soft, natural fiber of cotton allows air to circulate, making it breathable and highly durable. It’s also a versatile fabric used in almost every clothing style and works excellently in concealment.

Another excellent choice of fabric for concealment is silk. This fabric has a satin or matte texture that can help distract the eye from any printing from your firearm. However, it does generate static, so you may need to spray a little static guard before wearing it in dry climates.


There are many design elements to consider when investing in concealment clothing for travel. The best way to go about it is to consider what you are using it for, its purpose, and your budgetary constraints. This will ensure that you are making the right decisions about your gear.

Choosing a suitable material is essential to a high-performing garment. For example, cotton is a natural fiber that is comfortable, durable and easy to care for. It can be found in all shapes and sizes and is a top choice for apparel makers and consumers. It also enables you to be environmentally conscious without sacrificing your style. Unsurprisingly, it is the most popular fabric choice among concealed carriers.


When investing in concealment clothing for travel, it’s essential to consider the closures. You want to choose a garment that has high quality and reliable, secure pocket closures, preferably zip.

Whether you’re carrying in a blazer, a cardigan or a jacket, you want to find a garment that will not only keep your firearm concealed but also provide the flexibility and functionality of accessing your weapon when needed. For this reason, a garment with an outside flap pocket that can be opened with a button or a hidden zipper is ideal.

The fabric of your garment should be comfortable and breathable while also helping to prevent sweat from causing your clothing to wrinkle. Natural fibers such as cotton are a good choice as they allow air to circulate and help your clothes remain dry.


One of the things that most new concealed carriers need to think about is the weight of the clothing they choose. You may be tempted to purchase something cute or fun because it’s the newest trend, but remember that the fabric and style of your chosen clothing will be used to carry your firearm. For example, silk fabrics tend to generate static, making them cling to your holster and gun and causing printing. For this reason, you should look for more breathable material. And you’ll want to ensure that the clothing fits correctly, especially if you plan to wear your holster inside the waistband of your pants.


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