What is a Typical Day Like in Drug Rehab?

What is a Typical Day Like in Drug Rehab

Drug addiction’s a powerful thing. It can not only ruin your life, it can affect your family’s and your friends’ lives too. If you’re tired of this cycle, you can always go to a treatment center. You could always look up "drug rehab OKC," if you live in the area. But what is a typical day like in one of these centers? 

These centers offer a lot of different choices. You can do a residential program, where you live there. You can do outpatient treatment where you can come and go. There are peer-supported groups. For the purpose of this post, the focus will be on the residential program. 


When patients wake up, usually early, like 6am, they have a variety of activities to choose from after they eat. They can meditate, paint, exercise, or anything else that can keep them busy and also keep them centered in the present, rather than thinking about their addiction or what they are going to do later. 

Individual and Group Therapy

Therapy plays a big part of addiction recovery. Patients can have individual sessions with a therapist and do such things as individual cognitive therapy, where the therapist will walk them through things like how their emotions can dictate what they will do. Like the patient might be feeling down and will look to the drugs to help them feel better again. 

During this individual session, the therapist will then help the patient learn to approach the triggers differently. Instead of going for the drugs, they might go for a run, instead, which can create a different "high." 

The patients also meet in groups, usually centering around their particular addiction or something similar. They explore the circumstances around what caused them to become addicted and to also take responsibility for what they have done.

The (Life)Long Journey

These rehab centers know that addiction isn’t something that can be cured with a short stay, or even a month or more. It’s a lifelong fight, and these centers aim to give patients the tools and support that they need to focus on the day-to-day aspects of their lives. They learn when they are in moments of weakness.

The people who go to these places often know that they may make multiple visits. They can learn new things each time they go there and incorporate those things into their life to make it easier to navigate the times when they feel the pull of addiction. 

Drug rehab is just one part of the overall plan. Patients need to form strong support networks outside these centers. They should ensure that they are around friends and family members who will be there to lean on when they are feeling weak. They also need to form plans on what to do when there is idle time, which is when they might be most susceptible to relapsing. 

The main goal is to take what they do in their daily activities at the rehab center and bring that into their regular lives when they leave. They can continue to meditate. They can still do things like painting at home. A regular toutine is important to help with their addiction

Although they will never be completely "cured," people can use these rehab centers as a place to learn to manage it for the rest of their lives. That will be worth it. 


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