Understanding Group Children’s Church Curriculum


Whether you are just starting as a leader in your Church or if you have been leading a ministry for youth for a while, you must have a good understanding of what is included in the children’s church curriculum. You want to make sure that you notice all essential elements, and you want to make sure that you are planning the appropriate activities for the kids.

One Room Sunday School

Whether you’re new to the Sunday school game or have been teaching children for a while, a good understanding of the group children’s church curriculum for one-room Sunday school can help you improve your teaching game. The one-room model, in particular, combines the energy of intergenerational learning with children’s cognitive development.

The best part is that the one-room model is growing more popular each year. The resulting class is a better fit for many churches and offers opportunities for the children to learn about the Bible meaningfully. In addition to the apparent benefits, the one-room model provides opportunities for church leaders to test their creativity and leadership skills.

One room is also an ideal option for churches with mixed-age groups. Using the one-room model, each age group receives the same curriculum, allowing for a consistent experience. This includes a kids’ book, a CD-ROM with PowerPoint slides, and a resource pack containing colorful posters to reinforce the Bible story.

Bible Story Basics

Getting a good grasp of the Bible can be difficult for adults. Children’s church curriculums make the process easy by providing age-appropriate lessons, crafts, and other activities. The Bible Story Basics curriculum offers an easy-to-follow age-level structure and includes a teacher’s guide and student books.

With a few supplies, Bible Story Basics can be used in your children’s Church or Bible club. This curriculum is easy to teach and will help children grow in their relationship with Jesus.

The Story curriculum is a complete program of lessons, activities, and skit scripts. Each class teaches critical Bible verses and helps kids internalize God’s Word. It includes all-inclusive session plans, bulletins, and mp3 audio files with sheet music. It can be used for midweek programs and weekend programming. It is also a perfect resource for intergenerational groups.

The Bible Basics curriculum is perfect for preschoolers through first graders. It includes a Bible story for each age group, Bible stories for each quarter, and Visual Aids with full-color visuals. These visuals come with instructions on how to use them and are perforated to make it easy for teachers to take out activities.

Bible Engagement Project

Getting people engaged in Scripture is an important goal for the Church, and the Bible Engagement Project is a great resource to help. It provides several age-specific curricula and training sessions. This includes a library of age-appropriate curriculum, personal devotions, and digital Bible study resources. These are available online and offline.

The Bible Engagement Project is a new digital curriculum subscription program. The program is for adults, youth, and children and offers small group resources to help families grow in faith and relationships. It also provides online training sessions. These sessions help leaders understand how the program works and how to use the different age-specific curricula.

The Bible Engagement Project is a good fit for churches looking for a unique digital resource to help strengthen their families and ministries. Developed by Assemblies of God ministry leaders, the curriculum encourages every age group to dig deeper into the Bible. 


Choosing a children’s church curriculum is one of the first steps in structuring your children’s ministry. It should be able to engage the kids in learning the Bible. It should also provide them with activities and information they can use during their ministry. You should also make sure that the curriculum you choose is customizable. You want to be able to tailor the material to the age and learning style of the kids you serve.

Choosing a children’s church curriculum can be tricky. There are many choices available. You should ask your church leaders and other parents for suggestions. It would be best if you also looked for risk-free trials. It would be best if you also considered a curriculum designed with a volunteer’s help.

The Group Curriculum is a well-rounded program that will help your kids learn the Bible in a fun, engaging, and memorable way. It is also designed to help them develop a strong foundation in their faith.

It is designed to help kids build strong relationships with Jesus and others. It is also intended to help kids see how they can apply their faith to their daily lives.

Gospel Project

Whether you’re a church leader looking for a new kid’s ministry curriculum or a parent looking for a children’s Bible study, The Gospel Project is worth your consideration. This curriculum helps children unpack the Bible in an understandable, practical way.

The Gospel Project is a theologically driven study that explores God’s plan to rescue His people from sin through Jesus Christ. Each lesson is anchored in a redemptive narrative from Scripture. You’ll find great videos, activities, and games to help you teach kids about Jesus, God’s Word, and the world around them. The Gospel Project is ideal for preschoolers through teens.


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