Top Professional Landscaping Tools for the Fall Season

The Summer heat is dwindling away, but landscaping is still going strong. Check out our helpful article for a boost into the fall landscaping season.

Do you own a lawn service? Do you want your yard to look as pristine as possible?  Whichever the case is for you, you’ll need professional landscaping tools to make it happen. Fall landscaping, blowing leaves, and all of those things require top tier tools. 

So, what equipment should you use to get the job done? Well, we’ll provide that answer in the content below. Just keep reading.

Lawn Sprayer

Lawn sprayers make applying fertilizer and weed killer so much easier. All you have to do is fill up the plastic container, aim, and shoot. This is especially helpful if you’re covering a very large area. 

Lawn sprayers come with an ergonomic handle that makes pumping out the chemical solution a breeze. 

Compost Tumbler

If you’re into gardening, then you know that compost takes time. However, a tumbler drastically speeds up the process and gets your compost ready within a couple of months. 

Some tumblers come with one bin, but there is also a dual bin compost tumbler that allows you to start on a new batch while you’re waiting for the other to process. This item is most definitely one of the top professional landscaping tools for gardeners.

Lawn Mower

It really doesn’t matter if you’re working on your own yard or a commercial property, you can’t do it without a lawn mower. If you want the area to look professionally landscaped, you could go high-tech and buy an expensive lawn mower. The better the lawnmower, the better the outcome.

Leaf Scoops

Nothing’s worse than leaves falling out of the trash bag as you’re trying to clean up. Not only that, but trying to rake your leaves into garbage bags is a hassle too. However, leaf scoops are a game changer. 

They’re oversized leaf cuffs that help to pick up leaves with ease. Just scoop them up and place them wherever you’d like. Essentially, they’re like rakes for your hands.

Once you rake the leaves in a pile, you can use the scoops to throw them in your garbage bin or into plastic bags. 

Leaf Blower

You really can’t take care of a yard properly without a leaf blower, especially in autumn. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently, with little strain on your body. 

On that note, if you’re in the market for a commercial backpack leaf blower, follow the highlighted link.

Utilizing Professional Landscaping Tools

It doesn’t matter if you own a landscaping company, or if you’re working on a commercial property, the professional landscaping tools listed above are a must-have. They make fall landscaping less of a hassle!

So, do you see a tool on this list that you want to try out?

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