This Is How to Show Someone You Care About Them

Having strong relationships is extremely important in life. This guide has some effective tips on how to show someone you care about them.

Studies show that expressing affection helps people to feel safer, more secure, and all-around happier. Whether you’re working on building relationships or increasing your connection with your current loved ones, showing you care is important.

Some people have a harder time showing (and receiving) affection than others. Fortunately, you can learn how to show someone you care about them in a variety of ways that may be more comfortable for you.

At the end of the day, you don’t want your loved ones to wonder how you feel. Show them now rather than exploring what-if’s later!

How can you approach showing you care? Read on for different ways that you can express your love, affection, and appreciation for the most important people in your life.

Express Care Through Kind Words

Is language your preferred mode of communication? You can easily show you care by expressing your kind thoughts, rather than holding them in.

Did you notice that your friend had a hard week and want to lift them up? Did your partner take on some extra chores this week and you want to say thank you? Do you appreciate the way that your parents show you support?

Let it out! Simple words of care, from, “I love you,” to, “Thank you,” will go a long way. You can take it a step further by letting people know why you care, what you love about them, and how much you appreciate your relationship.

Show Your Love Through Quality Time

We live in a fast-paced and increasingly digital age. It’s not always easy to put down the devices and focus on one thing. Doing so, however, can go a long way.

Spending quality time with a friend or loved one is a great way to express that you care about them. Next time you get lunch together, leave your phone in your pocket and practice active listening. Plan an outing for your partner that you know they’ll enjoy.

Quality time can also happen at home. Ask your friend or loved one how they’d like to spend their time with you. Whether they want to sit back and chat or watch a TV show together, show that you care by committing to your shared time. 

Feeling Touchy? Physical Touch as Care

The power of touch is an incredible thing. Did you know that hugging can have important impacts on everything from mood to physical health? Giving your friends, family members, and romantic partners a hug can assure them that you care.

Physical touch can also include smaller gestures, as well. A simple pat on the shoulder combined with kind words can help someone feel cared for when they confide in you. 

Remember, not everyone has the same comfort level when it comes to physical touch. If you don’t know how someone feels about a hug or any other form of physical touch, it’s important to ask. This can seem awkward, but even the act of asking before touching is a key element of learning how to care for someone. 

Performing Acts of Kindness to Spread the Love

Acts of kindness can allow you to express how much you care about someone without putting them on the spot. If someone in your life isn’t always comfortable with more forward expressions of love, you may find more success with acts of kindness. Even if that person does appreciate other expressions of love, an act of kindness can make all the difference.

What do acts of kindness look like?

Offer to drive a friend to the airport so they don’t have to pay for a taxi. Cook dinner so that your spouse can catch up on whatever they want to do, like take a nap or read a book. Help your parents clean the house so that it doesn’t take as long and they have more time for relaxation.

Remember, an act of kindness is one that doesn’t require reciprocation. If you’re only helping out to get something in return, it may not send the same message. 

(Also important to keep in mind are your own boundaries. You can’t truly care for others if you aren’t taking care of yourself, too. If you’re not comfortable or not available, it’s okay to say that you can’t help out this time.)

Giving Gifts of Appreciation

Gift-giving is a nice way to show someone you’re thinking about them. Your gifts don’t need to be constant or extravagant to make an impact. Gifts can range from beaded bracelets to diamond necklaces, whatever feels right for the relationship and your budget.

Gifts that carry sentimental value are some of the best. When a gift holds a deeper meaning, your loved ones will feel seen and understood. How can you pick a sentimental gift?

Think about the things you know about your friend or loved one. What might remind them of one of their favorite childhood toys, bands, or TV shows? What can you give them that will commemorate the quality time that you spent together? 

Gifts don’t have to come with a big price tag–or any price tag at all. Tokens of affection, from thoughtful Christmas messages to printed pictures to a delicious homecooked meal, can really do the trick!

You Can Learn How to Show Someone You Care About Them

Sharing and showing affection is an important part of building strong relationships. You can learn how to show someone you care about them no matter what your affection-giving style is. Give some of these methods a shot and watch how they improve your most important relationships!

Relationships, whether they’re familial, romantic, or platonic, aren’t always easy. That’s why we’re here to offer relationship advice to get you through the best experiences and the toughest hurdles. Take a look around for more content that will inspire you to show you care and nurture your loved ones.  


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