This Is How to Choose the Best Mini Excavator


Are you ready to start your new construction project? Be sure to check if your fleet has all the equipment it needs to be successful. There are plenty of options for heavy-duty equipment, but don’t overlook the versatility of mini excavators.

A mini excavator is the most common construction equipment you need to get the job done. They have the capability and are travel sized. But how do you go about picking the best one?

This article will go over excavator buying tips to help you choose the best mini excavator. 

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1. Understand the Job

Before you choose a mini excavator, you need to understand the job. Mini excavators can handle a wide range of jobs: from demolition to landscaping. The size and features you need to equip your mini excavator will depend on the type of job.

Smaller projects have smaller budget sizes. You can save money by looking into used excavators. Companies have just as many options for you, and renting will cut the costs of one-time projects.

2. Determine the Size

There are three different sizes of excavators on the market. The one you need will depend on the job and the limits of the job site.

Size of the Excavator 

Compact excavators are the most mobile. They work great for minor jobs because they can move in tight spaces. Despite their size, mini excavators can pack a punch and are easy enough to use by the average homeowner. 

The standard-size excavators are the most versatile. They’ll work in any space and come with a lot of power. Save the large excavators or behemoths for major construction sites.

Bucket Capacity 

A feature of the mini excavator is its bucket size. The type of job will determine the capacity of the bucket you need.  If the job requires excavating large materials, you’ll need a bucket that will match the size.

Size of the Job Site

Check the location of the job site. A mini excavator is ideal for small landscaping, business, or neighborhood jobs. They won’t leave tire marks or damage the property because of their light weight. 

Plus, they are easier to transport. If the job site is far away, transporting a large excavator will up the cost.

3. Explore Its Features

The best mini excavator will come equipped with features you need to complete the job. Find an excavator that has easy access to maintenance locations, so you can care for the machine. 

It also helps if the control features are simplistic to ensure the operator is comfortable.

4. Test Drive It

Ask if you can test out the mini excavator before moving it off the lot. Testing the mini excavator will help familiarize your operator with its features.

It will also give you a chance to determine the kind of features you need.

The Best Mini Excavator for You

When wondering how to choose a mini excavator, consider the type of job, size, and features you need. Then, finding the best mini excavator is as easy as turning the key in the ignition. 

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