The Various Door Lock Types You Need to Know


Handleset locks

Handleset locks are a prevalent type of door lock that use two different latches. These types of latches are often referred to as deadbolts or handle latches. They differ slightly in appearance and function, as well as in the way they operate. There are two main types of handleset locks: cylinder and tubular.

The first type is the traditional deadbolt handset, which has an elongated handle. It can be used on single or double-entry doors. It can also include decorative elements that reinforce the style of the house. While most handlesets require keyed entry, they can also be included in one continuous piece.

Handlesets come in a variety of finishes and styles. Choosing the right handleset can make all the difference in the look and feel of your home. You’ll be able to find the proper door hardware to fit your interior decor. Handlesets can also be found on the garage, basement, and other exterior doors.

Double cylinder deadbolts

Double-cylinder deadbolts are door locks with a keyed cylinder on both sides. These locks like the assa abloy door locks, are a good choice for doors with glass or windows because they prevent intruders from breaking glass in the door and entering the house. They also provide added security by preventing children from going outside unattended or pets from being accidentally released.

Deadbolts come in a variety of grades. Grade 1 is the most secure and durable, while Grade 2 is the least secure. It is essential to choose locks that match the hardware in your home. High-security locks are pick-resistant and have special cylinders and mechanisms. These locks take a little more time to unlock than single-cylinder deadbolts, but they provide more security for your home.

Cam locks

A cam lock is a type of door lock that functions like a latch. Its latching mechanism involves turning a metal bar up or down, enabling you to lock and unlock the door. These locks are available in both straight and hooked styles. Straight cams have a metal bar in the middle that fits into the strike plate, while hooked cams have a hook in the end.

They have different functions and designs. They may have a lower level of security than other types of door locks, but they are convenient to use. For instance, you can use cam locks for storing items that do not require a security safe.

Fireman’s box-style lock

A Fireman’s box-style door lock is a type of double-keyed lock. It is used on doors to help firefighters access an interior space. Firefighters may expect to step through the door and quickly reach in to unlock it if no obstructions are present.

The Fire Department has a master key to the box, which can be used to open the door. This system allows emergency responders to access homes with little or no property damage. In case of an emergency, these codes are easy to change. The key can be stored in a fire-resistant box outside the home.

If you need a key, you can still open the Fireman’s box-style door by prying it open. A firefighter can pry the lock by biting the cylinder with a critical tool and pulling it out from the door. Firefighters should also look for a vertical/horizontal slot or cross pattern in the lock cylinder. A screwdriver or essential tool will also work to manipulate the lock.


Padlocks are one of the oldest types of door locks. Unlike other door locks, they are never permanently attached to the door or the frame. They are portable, easily recognizable, and available in various sizes. Typically, there are two main types: keyed and combination. Keyed padlocks are easy to open and are often available in different combinations. Keyed padlocks can be re-keyed for increased security.

Padlocks have a three-part locking system consisting of a u-shaped shackle, a quadrilateral body, and a keyhole. They are typically corrosion-resistant materials that won’t rust in humid weather. High-quality padlocks also feature thicker shackles that are difficult to cut with a bolt cutter.


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