The Top 7 Most Common Landscaping Errors


Regarding landscaping, there is a science behind creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor living spaces. While there are no hard-and-fast rules, some common errors may leave your yard unkempt or lessen curb appeal. From failing to establish proper drainage solutions to skimping on plant care and maintenance, understanding the most common mistakes in landscaping will help you create a gorgeous oasis that will impress your friends and neighbors.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 7 frequently overlooked blunders so that you can avoid them in favor of creating a fantastic landscape for your property.

Poorly planned drainage solutions

Poorly planned drainage solutions often go undetected until it’s too late and cause costly damage to the landscape. It is essential to contact property drainage contractors and think through appropriate drainage strategies before beginning any landscaping project. Without a plan, surface water can accumulate around buildings, saturate plant root zones, dissolve nearby foundations and cause extensive structural damage.

With proper assessments of water flow dynamics and consideration of the environment, efficient drainage systems can be designed that protect structures from heavy rains while still enhancing the aesthetics of the landscape. Check out for some more tips.

Failing to install edging

Neglecting to install edging is one of the most common errors in landscaping, and it can significantly impact the overall design. Edging outlines the perimeter of a landscaping project and helps to define and separate areas, such as gardens and lawn spaces. When neglected, these features become difficult to define, leaving a diasporic or disorganized look or even creating areas that appear to interact with each other in unappealing ways.

For example, it would be easier to identify pathways or segregate weeds from flower beds by organizing edging around them; this limitation may cause lawns and gardens to merge unattractively. Landscapers should take great care to ensure that edging is correctly installed as part of every project for optimal results.

Poor selection of plants 

Poor selection of plants is one of the most common errors in landscaping. A plant must be suited to an area’s climate or soil conditions to thrive and grow properly. Landscapers must take careful consideration into selecting plants that are suitable for the setting.

Climate needs should be considered as some plants may require different temperatures to thrive, while others prefer full sunlight or filtered light according to their needs. Soil conditions should also be considered since disagreements between them, and the desired plant can result in stunted crop growth or disease. Doing research beforehand and learning more about how specific species behave under certain conditions can go a long way toward preventing this standard landscaping error.

Not accounting for maintenance and upkeep costs

One of the most common mistakes in landscaping is neglecting to consider maintenance and upkeep costs. While these costs can vary depending on the size and complexity of a project, they are essential when it comes to keeping plants healthy and vibrant.

It is essential to plan for regular pruning, trimming, fertilization, mulching, and planting to keep the landscape looking its best. With an upkeep plan, plants can quickly become overgrown and prevent your yard from appearing messy or unkempt.

Skimping on soil health

Many landscapers need to pay more attention to soil health when creating a landscape. The quality of the soil is a fundamental factor in determining the success or failure of any plant, regardless of how well they are planted and maintained.

Ensuring the right balance of nutrients and minerals in the soil is essential to promoting healthy plant growth. Fertilization, composting, and other soil management techniques can all be used to improve the quality of the soil and promote healthy plant development. Another great solution is to use Washed Shell on your garden or walkway to ensure good soil health, as the shells can provide calcium to the soil and help to increase its nutritional intake. Soil health should be a primary concern for any landscaping project.

Ignoring the importance of hardscapes 

Hardscapes are an essential component of any landscape, regardless of size or scope. Hardscaping elements such as paving stones, timber walls, retaining walls, and pathways can all be used to create stunning visual appeal and to divide outdoor areas effectively.

When used correctly, these features create a sense of balance and structure within the landscape. Ignoring or overlooking hardscaping elements can cause an otherwise aesthetically pleasing landscape to appear unfinished and disorganized.

Landscapers should make sure to include hardscape elements in their designs for optimal results. If you have any questions regarding hardscaping or what materials to use to finish your project, don’t worry, get your questions answered here.

Ignoring the importance of design 

Finally, another common mistake many landscapers make is neglecting the importance of design when creating a landscape. Design should be one of the primary considerations when planning and executing any project, as it serves as the foundation for all other aspects.

Designers must consider the size and shape of the space they are working with, as well as the desired look and feel of the project. They must also consider how plants interact with each other and how they will be used within the overall design scheme. Without a strong foundation in design, landscaping efforts can quickly become an unappealing mishmash of plants and features that lack any cohesive identity.


Landscaping mistakes can be both costly and time-consuming. By understanding the most common errors and avoiding them, landscapers can ensure that their projects are successful, visually appealing, and practical. With proper planning, careful selection of plants, and a good sense of design, landscapers can create beautiful and functional gardens or yards that will remain in excellent condition for years to come.


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