The Responsibilities of a Tax Attorney


A tax attorney has a few key responsibilities. These include helping clients prepare for an audit, negotiating with the IRS, and defending a client in a tax lawsuit.

Defend Your Case in Tax Lawsuits

Defend your case in tax lawsuits with a tax defense lawyer. A tax defense lawyer like TaxRise can differentiate between a successful resolution and a hefty financial penalty.

If you have received correspondence from the IRS, you should call a tax defense lawyer as soon as possible. This is especially true if the case involves issues that may crop up in later years. If the IRS isn’t willing to admit its error, it is up to you to prove the case with airtight evidence.

The most obvious and simplest solution is to hire a tax defense attorney to do the job for you. You may also file a motion to have your attorney fees reimbursed. If the IRS refuses to settle, you can file a refund action. This complicated process can take as little as a year and as much as two. The IRS has a legal duty to acknowledge and accept the evidence.

Help Clients Prepare For an Audit

During audit season, it’s important to remember that auditors are looking at your numbers and requesting your company to provide them with information. Therefore, keeping your records organized and accurate is a great way to reduce the risk of missed deadlines and added costs.

Auditing can be time-consuming and complicated, so planning is important. This means establishing a timeline for the audit and identifying a clear list of documents and information to provide. Once this is in place, you can create a dialog with your auditor. You should also plan completion schedules and assign each item to a responsible person. This helps ensure accountability from your team and minimizes the risk of missing deadlines.

One of the most important things to remember is that the IRS wants audits to be completed as quickly as possible. However, delays can occur, and you should allow time for unexpected delays. It would help if you also remembered that auditors often ask for supporting documents before they start the audit. For example, they may want to see vendor invoices or board minutes.

Negotiate with the IRS

Whether you have a tax debt or seek the release of a tax lien, a tax attorney can help you negotiate with the IRS. A tax attorney can also represent you in court. A tax attorney is knowledgeable about the operations of the Internal Revenue Service and has a strong knowledge base based on study and research. A tax attorney can help you to negotiate with the IRS in a way that is favorable for you.

Negotiating an Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a method for taxpayers to settle their IRS debt for less than what is owed. The IRS will consider the facts and circumstances of the case before approving the offer. A tax attorney can help you qualify for an OIC.

An offer in compromise may be accepted if a taxpayer has doubts about their liability. This includes cases where the taxpayer’s income is less than what is owed. In addition, taxpayers may be able to settle tax debt for less than what is owed if they have a significant financial hardship.

Business Consultancies

Since every business must deal with financial concerns, which lead to taxes, no business can avoid tax-related issues. This situation needs to be handled professionally to avoid an early business collapse. To manage all financial matters, including tax, many businesses use accountants. This is a fantastic idea, but it’s also good to have a tax attorney on staff—perhaps not permanently- to occasionally check on things and offer guidance. Unlike accountants, tax lawyers have a thorough understanding of the legal side of taxes and are adept at navigating that environment. To determine the most advantageous manner a business should handle its taxes; they are in a position to combine all parts of their studies, including business law, corporate law, commercial law, property law, and insurance law, to name a few. 

Provide Tax Advice

This is an example of “better safe than sorry,” even though it may seem like a minor issue. Taxes are a complicated topic, and even though most adults file their taxes regularly, they hardly comprehend how they work. Purchasing land, launching a new business, forming a partnership, being mentioned in a relative’s will, and entering the real estate industry, to name a few, are all actions that will impact one’s taxes. With these changes come new taxing obligations that, if neglected, could eventually mount to a serious problem.

One can be guaranteed to prevent such issues by consulting with and getting planning advice from a tax attorney when they make plans. To guarantee that the person understands complex matters like contracts related to either bought or inherited land or a business one intends to create, either in their country or even partner up abroad, the lawyer will give guidance and walk hand in hand with the person. To help someone comprehend exactly what they are getting into, the information will be taken down and explained properly. 


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