The Purpose of a Shuttle Service

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If you’ve been pondering the purpose of a shuttle service, you’re not alone. There are various benefits to consider when hiring a shuttle service for your company. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be supporting other modes of transportation.

So whether your company is growing or looking for a convenient solution for your employees’ commutes, a shuttle service can help. You can learn more through the airport shuttle Wilkes-barre as well.

Reduces commuting costs

According to the United States Department of Transportation, the average American spends 54.2 minutes commuting, which translates to more than eight hours a month or 9.5 full days a year. These losses represent significant time, money, and resources and are highly correlated to household income and quality of life.

Of course, many factors influence commute times, including the number of passengers and vehicle ownership. But the same factors also affect the cost of fuel, parking, and insurance.

Research indicates that commuting can have many health benefits. Studies by the Organizational Behavior Unit at Harvard Business School suggest that commuting has more benefits than ensuring people get to work on time. It helps people mentally prepare for work and allows them to prospect for new jobs.

In addition, studies show that employees who commute regularly are more productive and happier at work. With this in mind, switching to more sustainable transportation should begin by surveying the workforce. Ideally, the survey will identify future routes and economic sustainability.

Reduces travel stress

A reliable shuttle service can save you the hassle of finding a parking spot at the airport and arranging your transportation to the destination. Getting to your destination is stressful enough, but when you have to deal with unfamiliar airports, airport security, and a lack of transportation, you may feel even more stressed. Travel can be stressful, but many ways can minimize the stress and make the trip more enjoyable.

First, when traveling with children, it can be challenging to manage the needs and desires of each child. You must deal with various situations, including illness, tantrums, and tired children. Some parents have reported having their children vomit on a plane, and keeping the peace when dealing with such stressors can be challenging.

It’s hard to get through the day stress-free, let alone be angry and frustrated at someone you don’t know. It’s even more difficult if you have a child with you and a child you aren’t able to communicate well with you.

Reduces car traffic

A shuttle service can be an adequate substitute for automobile trips. A shuttle can also support many TDM strategies by providing an alternative mode of transportation. For example, adding a shuttle to a commercial center may encourage people to use ridesharing services, public transit, and other non-motorized transport options.

However, the success of a shuttle service depends on several factors, including its location and use. The study of transportation by shuttles found that these services increased the use of public transit, ridesharing, and non-motorized transport.

You can reduce congestion by encouraging people to use sustainable modes of transport. Increasing public transportation, cycling, and pedestrian facilities, and regulating car use in cities will all reduce traffic. These measures can reduce pollution and CO2 emissions and increase public transportation ridership.

In the long run, reducing car traffic with a shuttle service may even help the environment. In addition, encouraging more people to use public transit and walk can reduce city congestion and help preserve our natural resources.


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