The Millennials Are Voting for an Instagrammable Kitchen Décor – Here’s How You Can Have It Too

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Right from the morning tea or coffee to the dinner plans, your kitchen is a central place of your house. For most people, it is a hub where some of the best cooking ideas become your reality, enjoy the best meals, and cherish conversations with your dear ones.

Today, most homeowners are in the lookout to decorate their kitchen space in an Instagramable manner. Do you want the same? If yes, this article is all you need to make a plan and accomplish your objective.

There are several ways in which you can enhance your kitchen space design, irrespective of the budget or the room size. From saying yes to the sleek lighting options, bold cabinetry, potted plants, and noticeable flooring, you can upgrade your kitchen in more ways than one. Once you do that and share a picture of the same on Instagram, you are bound to see a surge in your likes from your friends and family members and attract interesting followers.

Get a sink that looks stylish and functions good

There is no thumb rule that you need to start with the kitchen sink, but doing it helps to bring about a décor balance in your kitchen space. It helps to sync your entire décor. One of the ideal options to choose is the undermount sink. It looks sleek and performs well.

And when you wish to have an Instagramable kitchen, you certainly don’t want to compromise on quality and durability. Hence, ensure that you choose a service provider who offers you an easy installation of an undermount sink.

The metallic accents

The metallic features in your kitchen space can help in developing an excellent look. You can select metallic and copper colors from the cabinet handle to the taps and appliances. Today, manufacturers are becoming experimental in their designs so that homeowners can choose the ones that add more style and function to the kitchen space. The attractive metallic accents create a different look than what you get to see in the generic kitchen décor.

Open shelving is a smart idea

Are you always concerned about storage space in your kitchen space? If yes, you can select open shelving, as that is a great way to offer a place for the extra pans and pots to reside. It will also enable you to appear highly chic. Homeowners who wish to have an Instagramable look for the kitchen space can select open shelving instead of wall cabinets.

The former seems classy, more so in contemporary settings. According to the home décor expert, when you cannot come up with the ones you wish to own, opt in for the ones that are reasonably priced and paint the shade of your selection.

Choose the hanging pendant lights

The statement lighting, for instance, the brass style, will add to the finesse and class of the kitchen scheme. And when it is about lighting, you need to keep all things understated and also slightly evolved.

When you prep your meal, converse and cook with your friends over a cup of coffee and help your kids with work, chances are you will want an airy and bright place. In order to add an element of style to your room, you can select fixtures that will look distinctive in the Instagram feed. Once you do so, you will find that the likes are rolling in.

At the same time, the experts are placing relevance on excellent lighting. When you hang the pendant lights atop the kitchen island, which is a notable trend, you can add a statement look to your kitchen space. On the other hand, you can select industrial-style pendant lighting if you want a safe yet classic style. It will help to create a new-age rustic update. These pendant lights aren’t just attractive and offer functionality for certain tasks like food preparation and reading recipes.

Choose light flooring

When you are designing your house, chances are you will completely re-do your kitchen space. It is one of the enormous investments that you will have to make for your home. As a result, you wouldn’t want anything going wrong with it. Regarding kitchen flooring, you need to select a style that will enable you to exude ample light and have a practical purpose.

The interior décor experts suggest that when you have a small room, you can choose lighter floors, which will help open the space and develop the apt base for adding trendy accessories. The open plan layouts are gaining prominence, and selecting a new-age style floor that can flow across all the areas, develops an illusion and connects the zone for a bigger space.

Keep in mind that your kitchen floor will become dirty. The kitchens are getting increasingly sociable. Chances are that you will see more marks than before. Hence, you should select a practical solution that also looks good.

Ample plants

Add verdant green plants and inject foliage into the kitchen space with a collection of hanging styles and potted plants. If you don’t want something completely green, say yes to the artificial plants. Irrespective of your choice, it is certain to bring beauty to your kitchen space. Needless to say, it will be totally Instagramable.

If you carefully analyze, you will realize that botanicals add life to most rooms. It acts as one of the best home accessories. If you wish to add to the wellness trend on Instagram, this is your way to go about it. In a rather minimalistic way, you can add a handful of plants to make your kitchen space vibrant. Go experimental on the shapes and materials and select classy and sophisticated plants.

Creating a kitchen space, you can showcase on Instagram and get more likes and followers is challenging. It would help if you did a lot before you got tagged as an owner of a pretty kitchen space. Following the pointers mentioned above, you can accomplish this target seamlessly.


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