How to Label Your Marijuana Containers


If you have a store that sells marijuana or you are interested in starting a marijuana business, one of the most important factors in that is making sure your labels on your marijuana containers meet every possible regulation. Consider the following guide on how to label your marijuana containers.

Meeting General Regulations

There are some things that need to be on every marijuana container regardless of where your business is located. 

The first thing that must be included is product safety and safe use instructions. Marijuana, though legal in a lot of places, is still a drug and must be used responsibly. To eliminate any liability on your end, you need to put a safety guide and appropriate use instructions. That way, any consequences fall on your client instead of on yourself.

Next, you need to put THC labels and CBD labels on your containers. These labels need to have all of the information about the THC and CBD content, including amounts per serving of marijuana and any potential health risks or impairments that could come up as a result of consuming the THC or CBD. This way, your customers know what they are consuming, how strong it is and what they should expect.

Lastly, you will need to have the manufacturer contact information on the label. Marijuana, while usually predictable, can have severe side effects and the manufacturer needs to know right away if there are any complications with a product.

State Regulations

In addition to any and all FDA and federal label requirements, you will need to look into each individual state to see what they require as far as labels go. If you are running an online store that ships to every state, you will be researching for a while, and you will have to meet every single state requirement for every single state if you want to make sure you do not violate any state laws. Many states will require that you have things like a batch number, a cannabis symbol and production tracking. Certain states will have other various requirements that can get in the realm of hyperspecific, but it is vital to make sure you follow each one to the letter. 

Aesthetic Labeling

Any other labeling that you do after meeting all of the federal and state regulations is for aesthetic purposes. If you already own a marijuana business, you should already have an idea as to what you want to put on your product labels. If you have not designed your personal product labels yet, you will want to do that immediately. Your label is meant to draw the customer’s eye, make your product memorable and accurately reflect your brand and what it stands for.

Though it is an exciting venture to be able to sell marijuana, there are a lot of things that must be done to meet the label requirements. Keep this article in mind as you make your labels so you know exactly what you need to do and you do not miss anything.


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