The Latest Senior Care Tips That You Should Start Using Today


Each year, there are around 36 million falls reported among seniors. Without proper care or safety features in their homes, aging adults are at risk of falls every day. These falls and other injuries are preventable with the best senior care tips.

As your parents begin to age, you’ll notice them becoming less and less independent. There are still many things they can do on their own, but there are also some daily tasks they’ll need help with. You want to take care of them the best you can, but you’re only given so much free time.

How can you ensure your aging parents are safe and healthy? Continue reading below for a list of helpful senior care tips.

Ensure a Safe Environment

Safety should be the first priority when caring for your elderly parents. As they age, they’ll have less control over their balance and are more at risk of falls and other injuries. If living in their home, then you should install grab bars in the showers and alongside the toilets.

Raised toilets also prevent your aging parents from having to sit down too low with the risk of having trouble getting up. Rugs should be removed or securely fastened to the floor and there should be wide walking areas all throughout the house.

Provide Them With Three Full Meals a Day

Even if your parents once cooked amazing meals every night for you, they’re no longer able to provide meals for themselves and others as they once did. It’s important you ensure your parents eat three healthy meals a day and have plenty of healthy snacks in between if wanted.

You can choose to send meals to them or stop by and visit them. Cook them meals yourself, bring them leftovers, or take them out to lunch when possible. There are also some great food delivery programs that could be beneficial for seniors in need.

Create a Written-Out Schedule for Them

The physical body isn’t the only thing that begins to lose strength as we age. Our minds aren’t as sharp as they once were either. To help keep your aging parents from feeling lost or confused during the day, create a schedule for them.

You can use a whiteboard and post the schedule on the refrigerator for them to see and follow every day. The schedule might include meal times, shower times, medication times, who’s coming over that day, and so on.

Consider a Senior Living Community

Caring for the elderly on your own is no easy feat. You’ll need time, commitment, patience, resources, and lots of help from the entire family. When you’re unable to ensure the safety and health of your aging parents, it’s beneficial to consider a senior living community.

Take your time researching some senior living communities in your area. Read reviews, ask for references, schedule an in-person tour, and conduct interviews to find the best location.

Follow These Senior Care Tips for Healthy Aging Parents

You can’t stop your parents from aging, as much as we all wish we could. You can, however, ensure they live a healthy, safe, comfortable, and happy life in their later years. Use the helpful senior care tips listed above to do just that!

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