7 of the Most Common Workplace Injuries

Accidents do happen at work and sometimes injuries result from these accidents. Our guide here explains the most common workplace injuries.

Are you wondering about the most common workplace injuries? 

Workplace injuries are surprisingly common. Statistics show approximately 2.8 injuries occur for every 100 workers a year. 

This results in millions of injuries each year that cause a variety of health problems, ranging from minor cuts and sprains to serious, life-changing issues. In many cases, workplace injuries even result in death. 

One way to avoid getting hurt at work is to avoid the most common workplace injuries. By knowing what to look for, you can increase your safety at work. If you want to stay safe at work, here are the common injuries to avoid. 

1. Repetitive Motion Injuries 

One of the most common workplace injuries is repetitive motion injuries. This type of injury happens when you perform the same motions over and over again. Repetitive motions can cause nerve damage and result in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome

2. Slip-and-Fall Injuries 

Slip-and-fall injuries are also common employee injuries. This type of injury happens when the floor is wet or slippery and an employee falls and hurts themselves. If you are receiving workman’s compensation for a slip-and-fall injury, read more about the benefits of pay as you go.

3. Motor Vehicle Accidents Injuries 

Although you might think of workplace injuries as something that happens in a store or building, you can get hurt while driving in a company vehicle. Many injured employees get into vehicle accidents that leave them with aches, pains, and oftentimes more serious injuries. 

4. Falling Object Injuries 

A common workplace injury is getting hit by a falling object. This can occur from items not being stocked or balanced correctly. These injuries can be dangerous and cause cognitive impairment. 

5. Struck by or Against Objects  Injuries

Many workplace accidents are caused by being struck by or against an object. This can include getting hit by a piece of machinery or walking or running into an object.  

6. Musculoskeletal Injuries 

One of the most common ways to get injured at work is to overextend or strain your muscles. This results in painful musculoskeletal injuries that can take weeks or months to heal. 

7. Workplace Violence Injuries

When you think of workplace injuries, you likely don’t think of violence as being the cause. However, a significant number of workplace injuries are caused by violent fights at work. These injuries can be simple to avoid by staying away from situations that can result in fistfights or more. 

These Are the Most Most Common Workplace Injuries to Avoid 

There are several most common workplace injuries you need to avoid. 

The most common injuries are repetitive motion and slip-and-fall injuries. You can also be injured in a motor vehicle accident, falling objects, or getting struck by or against objects. Make sure to avoid musculoskeletal injuries and stay out of potential workplace violence situations. 

If you want to ensure you are safe at work, these are the injuries to avoid. 

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