The Latest Email Segmentation Tips That You Should Start Using Today


Are your email conversions leaving a lot to be desired? If you put the hours into your email campaign but you’re not seeing any results, odds are that you’re not converting. 

Don’t sweat it. It happens to all of us marketers at one point or another. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for the small business owner to boost engagement and start getting results from their email campaigns. One method is called “email segmentation.”

We’re going to explore this innovative marketing tactic today, giving you the scoop on email segmentation and how you can use it to optimize your email efforts. Let’s get started. 

What Is Email Segmentation? 

Segmentation is the process of identifying user groups in your follower list and producing email content specifically for those small groups. 

So, instead of creating one email for 10,000 people, you might create 10 emails for groups of 1,000 people. More likely, you’d identify a smaller target group and produce an email to make them convert.

This allows you to refine your content and address particular individuals in a meaningful way rather than sending out broad stroke emails that drive conversions. 

The first thing we recommend doing is finding email segmentation software. You might find some tools in your email CMS, but there are numerous third-party agents that can help. The key benefit of software is the fact that it distributes your subscribers for you so you don’t have to dig through the data. 

Take a look at some of the offerings from

Gather Subscribers Intentionally

Streamline your segmentation by creating unique opt-in forms. Page-specific forms for the same email or newsletter can help a great deal. 

For example, say you had an opt-in form on your home page as well as on your TikTok account. The demographics from both of those sources might be very different. 

Keeping them in two separate groups can help you organize data and make group-specific insights that you wouldn’t be able to make otherwise. 

Manage Data Carefully

Once you create those outlets and start producing segmented emails, you can make insights immediately. 

Explore how the numbers from your primary email and the segmented email perform differently. Use your segmented groups as venues to explore different ideas and try new things each week. 

Over the course of a few weeks, you’ll see that things are streamlined significantly. Don’t be surprised if one of your groups out-performs or underperforms significantly. Narrowing groups down can bring out the extremes of particular metrics. 

For example, maybe your first targeted group was actually the only demographic that wasn’t engaging with your primary newsletter. In any case, use all insights you gather from target groups and work them through your strategy. 

Need More Email Marketing Tips?

We hope our look at email segmentation was useful to you. There’s a lot more to learn that could shake things up and improve your marketing efforts. We’re here to help. 

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