The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

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Commercial roofs take a beating from harsh weather conditions. Having regular inspections done by professionals can prevent significant damage, saving you from expensive repairs.

In addition, a well-maintained commercial roof can save you money by reducing energy costs. It also protects the inventory and assets stored inside your commercial building.

Loose or Missing Shingles

Keeping a commercial roof well-maintained and addressing any minor issues immediately will help to save facility owners money. For example, identifying missing shingles before they allow water to seep into the building will help prevent structural damage and minimize the impact on operations.

The roof is a building’s first line of defense against weather conditions. It deflects sunlight, helps to protect the interior from wind and rain, and keeps out insects and rodents. When shingles go missing due to high winds or other weather conditions, it creates openings for the elements to enter the building.

While new asphalt shingles are designed to resist high winds, extreme weather conditions can damage even these quality shingles. Regular inspections and maintenance by a certified roofing contractor will help to safeguard these critical parts of the roof from damage.

Modified Bitumen

The roofing choice for a commercial building isn’t just an aesthetic decision. It also plays a vital role in the structural integrity and longevity of the building itself. Many roofing solutions can enhance a building’s unique look while providing energy efficiency and durability.

Modified bitumen is a popular option for low-slope roofs. It combines asphalt and rubber or plastic fortified with polymers to increase strength and elasticity. It is commonly used in reroofing and retrofit applications or new construction. It is available in two types: APP and SBS.

Both are incredibly durable and long-lasting, but it is vital to perform regular maintenance on this type of roofing system. It includes inspecting the membrane and repairing any punctures or rips that may occur.

A trustworthy contractor for commercial roofing in New Orleans can promptly find and resolve any issues before they worsen. Roof coatings are also an excellent way to protect a modified bitumen roofing system. They help to seal leaks and reduce ponding water and UV damage.

Ponding Water

Ponding water isn’t always a sign of roof damage, but it should be addressed as soon as it’s noticed. The constant weight of the pools of water can cause structural damage to a building’s structure if it exceeds the safe load capacity. It can also rot the roof materials and intensify UV light from the sun, speeding up the deterioration process.

The best way to avoid this is through regular commercial roof maintenance, which helps to keep drainage paths clear and can identify design inadequacies that lead to ponding water problems. The roof maintenance crew can also fix other areas of the roof that have been damaged by ponding water, such as repairing concrete degradation or replacing the flashings.

If the ponding is caused by dirt or leaves blocking drains or scuppers, roof experts can remove the debris for better drainage. They can also fill in low spots with a flexible membrane that levels the roof, preventing it from encouraging future ponding. Installing crickets (triangles of tapered insulation) around RTUs or skylights can also help to direct water away from these protrusions.


Many commercial roofs experience significant repairs and even total replacement because of a lack of regular maintenance. Getting on a preventative maintenance plan that includes repeated inspections and immediate repairs helps extend the roof’s life, saves businesses money in energy costs, and eliminates health and safety risks.

 A well-maintained commercial roof can boost the property value of a business, while paying attention to maintenance leads to pricey damage expenses that decrease the overall worth of the building.

Damaged Flashings

Flashing is a small and often overlooked component of commercial roofs. However, it provides a vital layer of protection between the field membrane and the building structure. Any rips in the flashing should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid compounding issues and water damage.

A qualified business roofer can spot little problems during routine inspections and address them before they worsen and cost more money. It can also help preserve the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure the roof is covered in future repairs or replacement.

Moisture intrusion from a leaky commercial roof can cause structural damage and impact the integrity of the entire building. Commercial property owners must invest in a robust roof that withstands frequent rainfall and severe weather events. A proactive approach to roofing maintenance can protect buildings from costly repairs and increase property value. 


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