The Essential Checklist for Selling a House Fast for the Best Price


There’s no better time than now to list your home for sale. The real estate market is hot, with home prices increasing by 13.7% in the past year.

However, a hot market doesn’t mean you’ll get a quick sale. Homebuyers will still want a great buy, and you can’t offer that to buyers if you don’t do any of the work.

Do you want to learn what you need to know about making your home presentable to buyers? Keep reading to read the checklist for selling a house you need to follow.

List at The Right Time

Not every time during the year is great for home sales. There is a moving season based on where you live. If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to list it during that time.

Look at the home listings and sales over the past few years. You’ll see when there is more demand for homes and when successful sales happen.

Your goal will be to list during that time. You’ll get more high-quality offers and likely get a better price for your home.

Tidy Up Your Yard

First impressions are critical if you want a quick home sale. That impression doesn’t start when someone enters your home. It happens when someone arrives to take a tour and views your yard.

You’ll give a bad first impression if your front yard is a mess. After all, why would the rest of your home be any better if you can’t take care of your yard?

Do a bit of landscaping to take care of your grass, trees, and plant life. You can also add annual flowers to provide some color to your yard.

Declutter Your Home

People don’t want to live in a cramped space. They want to buy homes that have plenty of storage for their things. Even if your home has both those things, it’s hard to demonstrate when everything inside is a mess.

Decluttering your home will help you demonstrate your home’s storage. Clean out your closets and put everything away that doesn’t need to be out.

If you can’t declutter with everything you have, put a few things into storage. Once you minimize clutter, focus on organizing everything to give the impression that there’s plenty of space for new homeowners.

Stage Your Home

Do you have unique artwork, furniture, and room colors? If so, you may be putting off a lot of potential homebuyers.

If you want to sell a house fast, you need to do everything possible to make your home appealing to the general population. That means using neutral colors and furniture to stage your home.

If you’re in this situation, it’s wise to put your current belongings into storage and rent neutral furniture. Doing this will help your home appeal to more people and help potential buyers see themselves as the homeowner.

Improve Your Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when people sell homes. It’s easy to get used to how a room stays lighted and ignore dark areas in a room. However, those dark areas will put off potential homebuyers.

Most people don’t want to live in a dark and drab home. They want something well-lit and have access to natural light.

If you have any areas in your home where light has trouble reaching, add some lighting to that area. You can also open windows during tours to make use of natural light. This will help brighten your home and make it appear more lively.

Get Professional Photos

Many buyers browse real estate listings to see what homes look worth visiting. As a result, many sellers invest in amazing photos that make them stand out in a crowded market. If you don’t do the same, it’s hard to make your house stand out.

It isn’t enough to snap a few random photos with your phone. Your home listing needs to amplify what makes your home look great and let people know what to expect.

When you post the right photos on listing websites, you’ll increase the number of tours and potential buyers.

Perform Repairs

Regular homebuyers don’t want to buy a project. They want something that’s move-in ready and doesn’t have any surprises. Because of that, they’ll get a home inspection to look for problems.

This will slow down the closing process if the inspection uncovers any issues. Get an inspection of your home before you list and take care of those issues ahead of time.

If you don’t want to make repairs, you may not find great buyers. However, you can sell to a cash buyer that wants to flip the property for a profit. 

You may not get as high a price, but you’ll get a quick sell. There is a lot to learn about the cash sell process, so check it out.

Pick Your Realtor

Hiring a realtor is an excellent choice if you want a quick home sale. You don’t know what you don’t know in the real estate market. Unless you sell homes for a living, you may not know what people in your area want.

Your realtor can make improvement suggestions, help with paperwork, and negotiate on your behalf. That’s a lot of time savings for you, giving you time to focus on other things.

You will pay a realtor fee in closing, but your realtor will likely help you get a higher price for your home. That increase often covers your realtor fee.

Don’t Ignore the Checklist for Selling a House

It would be best if you did everything possible to make your home appealing to people looking for a new home. It takes some work to learn how to sell your house, so you need every tip at your disposal to do things right. Use the checklist for selling a house above to give your home the best chance of selling for a great price.

Do you plan to take on any of the home improvement projects listed above yourself? Learn how to take care of things by reading the latest articles on the blog.


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