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Ruby Sliders is one of those products that people are crazy about after seeing them on TV. With Ruby Sliders, you can protect the bottom or feet of your furniture in a few easy steps. This product is designed to be placed on the bottom of various pieces of furniture regardless of what they are made of, like wood, plastic, or metal.

As you have already guessed, the main idea of Ruby Sliders is to protect your flooring from scratches due to moving pieces of furniture (especially ones without wheels). This product can also reduce the noise from moving pieces of furniture. There are various sizes that you can get, such as eight, 16, 48, and 64. Judging from the positive reviews, this product works well.

Total cost breakdown

The cost of Ruby Sliders right now is around $23.84, and the shipping is most likely going to be free. If you think the cost is a bit pricey, just remember that you get plenty of Ruby Sliders to be used on your furniture. Furthermore, if you really care about your expensive flooring, these Ruby Sliders protectors are going to offer you a lot of value.

How to use Ruby Sliders

First, put the slippers on each leg of your furniture. Choose which piece of furniture you want to protect the most. Usually, metal or wood legs are the priority since they could leave marks on the floor. You can also just put the slippers on a piece of furniture that you are planning to move. After you put the Ruby Sliders properly, you can see the red felt that covers the base. If you can’t, however, that means the slippers are inside-out. Take them out and put them back on again properly this time.

Now it’s time to repeat the steps above on the other legs. Perhaps, you want to put Ruby Sliders on all your chairs, couches, tables, or stools. This way, you can move them around easily without worrying about the damage to your flooring or the noise. If you are running out of slippers, you can get more of them.

After everything is done, now you can use your furniture normally. There will be no changes except that this time you can move everything without worries. You will notice that when you move your furniture back and forth, the noise is not as bad as before. This advantage of Ruby Sliders is more apparent if the piece of furniture is especially heavy. Or perhaps, a heavy person is sitting on a chair, and they are moving it around when they sit.


  • White, translucent shade. I love the fact that Ruby Sliders slippers are not standing out against the piece of furniture you put them on. You can still see the legs normally.
  • Fit legs of various shapes. These slippers are flexible, so you don’t have to worry about the shapes or sizes. As long as the legs aren’t enormous, I am sure Ruby Sliders slippers can fit just fine.
  • Durable felt. It will take time to know for sure if the felt of these slippers can stand against wear and tear. However, so far, it’s been positive. The red felt is made of a durable and tight nano weave, so I have a good feeling about it.
  • Multi sizes. I have said that Ruby Sliders slippers are flexible, but surely there is a limit. Luckily, Ruby Sliders slippers are available in multiple sizes. So please get the correct size for your furniture.

Positive points

  • Perfect for protecting various flooring types. From wood to carpet, Ruby Sliders can protect your flooring from scratches or scruffs. This way, your flooring will look beautiful for much longer. I am sure no one wants their flooring to look all banged up, especially after investing so much money to make it look good. And this is not limited to indoor flooring. You can also protect the legs of your pieces of outdoor furniture. So your wooden deck or smooth patio will be free of scratches.
  • Besides protecting the flooring, Ruby Sliders can also protect the legs of your piece of furniture. Some people have the habit of kicking the legs of their furniture, but with Ruby Sliders, you don’t have to worry about that. This is especially true if you have kids in the house. Kids love to kick the legs of furniture and make them look all banged up over time.
  • Ruby Sliders can also help you move your furniture easily. The bottom part of Ruby Sliders can help the leg slide when pushed. Even a heavy piece of furniture should be easier to move with Ruby Sliders. I am sure a lot of customers have proved that this is true. Just like in the ads, you can easily move heavy furniture with the help of Ruby Sliders. The challenge, however, is putting each protective case on each leg of heavy furniture.

Negative points

  • I have said that the transparent part of the Ruby Sliders slipper looks good. Unfortunately, the red felt on the bottom of the slipper stands out from the rest. Also, there is no other option available regarding the color. So if you care so much about the felt color, then I’m afraid you are out of luck. Besides, removing the felt from the protector would defeat the purpose. You’d lose the durability and adhesive from the original product.

Critical advice

While Ruby Sliders can protect your furniture and flooring, this product is not good against rain or snow. So if you want to use it for outdoor furniture, make sure you can move the furniture inside while it is raining or snowing. The reason for this is that Ruby Sliders relies on adhesive to keep the felt in place and stable. Wet weather could make the adhesive weaker and lose its stickiness.

Besides keeping your leg covers dry, it’s also recommended to remove and wipe them down regularly if you use them for outdoor furniture. Otherwise, the leg covers could pick up debris and dirt, which could prevent you from moving or sliding the furniture.

Save money

Overall, Ruby Sliders is good to help you save up money that otherwise would be spent on repairing furniture or flooring. This leg cover product does a great job at protecting furniture and flooring from scratches or scruffs. Being able to move heavy furniture easily is also a great plus.


Ruby Sliders is a simple yet functional product that you can buy. These slippers can protect both your flooring and the legs of your furniture. Furthermore, Ruby Sliders slippers are priced relatively well considering that they are more of a long-term investment.


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