Realty vs. Real Estate: What’s the Difference?

Want to stop thinking to yourself: realty vs. real estate - what's the difference? Find out what makes them different here!

Are you wondering what the difference is between reality and real estate? While these terms are similar and related, they do have some significant differences that can help you if you are interested in getting involved in this industry, own land, or are trying to buy or sell a property. 

To learn more about these two terms and how they are both similar and different, keep reading. Know all you can about realty vs. real estate to make sure you are making the best investment decisions. 

Real Estate Explained 

Real estate refers to a piece of land as well as any improvements that have been added or attached whether they are manmade or natural. Natural attachments refer to parts of the land, such as trees, mineral deposits, oil, or water. Artificial attachments refer to man-made additions such as fences, buildings, or sidewalks. 

Real estate property falls under two broad categories, residential and commercial properties. Real estate is meant for human housing while commercial spaces are used for business use, such as offices, malls, restaurants, and other businesses. The industrial real estate market falls under commercial property and is used for purposes such as warehouse space, production, and manufacturing. 

What Is Real Property? 

Real property is less referred to and less popular than real estate meaning it often causes confusion. Real property is a broader term used to include the land itself including any buildings or improvements made to it. Real property includes real estate but it has property rights. 

Real property specifically grants property owners to use their property however they choose without any outside interference. There are many restrictions and exceptions for owning real property, such as the right to choose how the property is sold. Learn more here:

Differences Between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent 

The key difference between a realtor and a real estate agent is the certification they receive. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences. However, these professionals are held to meet certain national standards. 

A real estate agent is a professional that assists in the buying and selling of properties and does so by obtaining a real estate license. A relator must obtain a real estate license and have a perfect professional record. 

Reality vs. Real Estate: Key Differences

All in all, the difference between reality vs. real estate is that it all boils down to the bundle of rights that comes with the property. With real property, ownership consists of both physical property as well as common law rights associated with the land. Real estate only refers to the physical objects associated with a property. 

Knowing the differences between these terms is especially helpful for those involved in the real estate industry as different associations and rights will be attributed to the property they are buying or selling. From a legal perspective, acknowledging and understand the distinctions between these two terms and the rights associated with them is incredibly important for figuring out legal pursuits. 

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