Planning for Retirement: How to Make the Most of Your Golden Years


With the COVID-19 pandemic came an increase of adults going into retirement. Whether it’s due to job stress, job unavailability, or saving money from not going out and doing activities for the past few years, more adults are now enjoying their retirement years early.

Once they get there, though, many seniors don’t know what to do in retirement. How can you fill all of that free time?

We’re here to offer a few of our top ideas. Read on to learn all about planning your retirement and enjoying it.

Planning Your Retirement

Before you officially retire, you need to prepare for retirement. No matter how old you are when you’re reading this, if you haven’t already started planning, this is the time to do it.

You should have money saved up for retirement in an official retirement account. This could be an IRA, a Roth IRA, a standard 401k, or even a basic investment account that you’ve been tending to for decades.

If you’re struggling to plan for retirement, it’s a good idea to hire a professional, like the team at, to set you on the right track.

They can help you manage your money, plan your estate, and more.

Keep in mind that for most people, their retirement fund and social security payments are their only income. It’s difficult to live off of social security alone in most of the country, so it’s in your best interest to start contributing to your retirement fund when you’re in your twenties or thirties.

Even if you’re already nearing retirement age, it’s never too late to start.

What to Do in Retirement

So your finances are all planned out and you have money set aside for retirement. Now what?

Once you leave your career and start pursuing greener pastures, that doesn’t mean that your life is over. This is your opportunity to relax and enjoy things in ways that you’ve never been able to before.

Make sure that you keep track of your budget during retirement, but let yourself have fun.


If possible, the first thing that you should do in retirement is travel. It’s one of the best things to do in retirement, especially if you never got to do it when you were a younger adult.

Are there any places that you’ve always wanted to go to? Many seniors enjoy long road trips in an RV or campervan. Destinations which aren’t too humid such as Iceland is often popular with seniors. For those thinking of taking such a trip, the affordable campervan rental in Iceland | is worth considering.

You don’t have to leave the country (though we recommend it, at least once). Even a cross-country trip in a car or RV will be a great experience. See new things, try new foods, and have brand new experiences while you travel.

Find the Perfect Place to Live

Now that you’ve retired, you have the opportunity to move somewhere else. Where will you go?

You could keep your family home if it makes you happy and you’re confident that you’re able to live without help, but don’t forget that you have other options.

You could buy a home elsewhere. Have you always wanted to live in balmy Florida, or in the mountains of upstate New York? What about starting your own homestead in a rural part of the midwest where land is still cheap and abundant? There are also specially designed new construction 55 and over communities that you should consider an option before you make a decision.

If homeownership is no longer for you and you’d rather move into a retirement community, that’s great too! There are many active retirement communities that are perfect for anyone 55+. You’ll have access to amenities, easy transportation, and plenty of neighbors with whom you can form new friendships.

If you’re not ready to give up your home yet, or if you’re waiting for someone else in your family to take it, consider turning it into a rental property while you live elsewhere.

Pursue New Hobbies

When was the last time you tried something new? The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but there’s no limit to learning new things. Continuing to learn into your senior years may actually prevent cognitive decline!

Try a new artistic hobby like drawing or sculpting. Start your creative writing journey. Take cooking classes so you can finally make chef-quality meals next time you have a family holiday.

You now have so much time to devote to leisure, so take advantage of it! You may find something that you love.

Stay Fit

As you get older, fitness becomes more important. Stay fit and active by engaging in plenty of physical activity after you retire. After all, you have plenty of time.

If you were never fit as a younger adult, you’ll want to start small. Basic bodyweight strength training and short walks or jogs around your neighborhood will get your blood pumping.

If the idea of working out is boring, why not try taking a group fitness class? Swimming and water aerobics are great for people with bad joints. Dance classes provide a fun opportunity to socialize while you improve your cardiovascular health.

You’ll make friends while you get fit.

Consider a Small Stream of Extra Income

Some people get bored in retirement, or they may not have the extra income that they need to pursue more expensive hobbies. You don’t have to re-join the full-time workforce if you’re still able to sustain yourself, but you can pick up a new stream of income.

You have options. First, you could pursue a simple part-time job. Many older adults do things like bag groceries, work at local businesses as cashiers, or clean homes.

If you have a special skill, like writing, you could try finding freelance clients online to make a few hundred dollars per week.

If you have a craft, like knitting, you can start an Etsy account or personal online store. People may love your work and you’ll get to do something that you love!

Try These Ideas for Retirement

Retirement doesn’t mean that you have to slow down. It means that you have plenty of time to start doing things that you love and having new experiences! If you’re looking for what to do in retirement, start here!

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