Most Common Features of Phenolic Wheel Swivel Casters


Phenolic wheel swivel casters are designed to move in a certain direction. It allows them to be used in various environments and applications. These 4 inch caster wheels resist various chemicals, including gasoline, oil, and mild acids. They can also withstand extreme temperatures.

Resistant to Oil, Grease, Gasoline, and Mild Acids

Phenolic wheel swivel-casters can provide a solution if you need to move heavy materials around a warehouse or industrial facility. These casters are highly resistant to oil, grease, gasoline, and mild acid, making them an excellent choice for such applications. In addition, because of their high resistance to these substances, they are suitable for use on various floor types.

The phenolic wheel swivel caster is one of the most affordable casters on the market. Its wheels are made of a macerated canvas core impregnated with phenolic resin and molded under high pressure. These wheels are extremely strong for plastics and durable as cast iron wheels. However, they do tend to show signs of wear on steel surfaces. These wheels are also not recommended for wet concrete floors, as they can cause scratches or rips.

These wheels are also designed to reduce rolling resistance. This material is extremely durable and can withstand heavy loads without wearing down. In addition, polyurethane wheels are also non-conductive, making them a better choice than rubber wheels. Also, they are maintenance-free. Finally, they feature large sealed precision ball bearings to reduce rolling resistance.

Suitable for Extreme Cold and Extreme Heat Conditions

When selecting a caster, you must consider the kind of application. Many types of casters have wheels of different types. Some are resistant to extreme cold and heat. Others are suited for high-stress environments.

Heavy-duty phenolic casters are available in environments with high temperatures and extreme cold. They are available in swivel and fixed designs and offer up to 550 pounds of load capacity per caster. However, these products are only available for ground shipment to the contiguous 48 states.

Using casters reduces the risk of workplace injuries. Casters also help prevent overexertion. A workplace injury can happen due to overexertion and improper lifting of heavy loads. By reducing these risks, casters are a great choice for the workplace.

The materials of the casters should be suitable for the temperature and the work environment. In addition, the type of wheels you choose should be able to handle the pressure and weight. Some casters come with roller bearings, reducing friction and increasing the efficiency of moving heavy loads. While purchasing a caster, it is also important to consider the type of floor on which it will be used. If your floor is made of concrete or other porous material, you may want to use a polyurethane wheel instead.

Brake System

These phenolic wheel swivel castors have a brake system for added safety and security. They are ideal for use in industrial settings, including loading docks and warehouses. They are available in a wide range of swivel and fixed castor series. The brake system reduces the risk of damage to walls and floors. They also come with a lubrication fitting for in-field maintenance.

These phenolic wheel swivel and brake casters resist extreme temperature changes and are best used on smooth concrete. They are resistant to gasoline and oil and are also mildly acid-resistant. However, they are not recommended for wet applications, as they may be affected by strong acids and alkaline solutions. They can also be damaged by rolling over steel plates or parts.

These phenolic wheel swivel and brake casters function in various temperatures. They can withstand temperatures as high as 490 degrees Fahrenheit and operate intermittently in temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also resistant to tearing up concrete floors, and they don’t flatten the floor. However, they’re more expensive than their softer counterparts and aren’t recommended for wet or slippery floors.


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