Living Well: How to Achieve the American Dream

Is your goal to achieve the American dream? Take the big steps in designing this lifestyle through the insights and suggestions shared in this article.

The American dream evokes images of a white picket fence, 2.5 children, and a suburban home in 1950s’ America. As culture evolved and changed, phrases like the American dream became shorthand for materialism.

These days, that dream might seem unattainable. Housing prices are skyrocketing, the world is in upheaval post-pandemic, and sometimes paying rent for a one-bedroom apartment might seem like too much.

If you’re focusing on the American dream, it goes far beyond material goods. Instead, it’s the result of engaging in a conscious effort toward living a better life.

That’s why we’ve assembled tips for everyday life to help you design a life you really want to live. Read on!

Check Out of the Comparison Game

If you want to live well, then it’s time to escape the echo chamber. We’ve all heard the statistics about our devices being designed to ensnare us in a vicious cycle of addiction.

However, it’s about more than putting your phone down and engaging with the real world. In the past decade, the world has become a more volatile place. Wherever you go, there’s a five-alarm fire in the world of health, politics, celebrities, and more.

It can feel dangerous to put your phone down. What will you miss? However, living a better life requires it. Instead of living vicariously through social media, it’s time to make sure you’re enjoying your own life.

Escaping the comparison game is a crucial element of a happy life. Instead of comparing your body, family, home, and possessions to someone else’s carefully curated Instagram feed, a happy life involves contentment.

Invest in Slow Change 

When engaging in lifestyle design and trying to construct a life that makes you happy, honesty is still the best policy. What makes you happy, and what stresses you out? What areas of your life are sucking energy rather than producing joy?

To live a life worth living, you have to take steps that you’ve never taken before. This can mean adjusting your friendship circle, breaking up with a toxic boyfriend, or simply reorganizing your home and schedule.

One of the most important tips for everyday life is remembering what the American dream is: happiness. The pursuit of happiness is what drives people to get better jobs, educate themselves, to get healthier.

The benefits of pursuing happiness are contentment, healthier relationships, and a life that you don’t want to constantly vacation from. With this type of commitment to a good life, you’ll be able to achieve the material things you want, too.

Achieving the American Dream!

What does the American dream mean to you? Happiness is such a unique thing to every person, and achieving different things can equal happiness. It’s important to take responsibility for your relationships, career, and home life to make the changes that you need. 

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