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Basic DBS Check

A Basic DBS check is a legal process that verifies an individual’s criminal record. These checks can be conducted by employers or voluntary organizations. They are also required for specific insurance claims. Below is information about the basic DBS check, including who can apply for it and what information is disclosed. This is essential information, as it helps applicants avoid over-disclosure. Whether you’re applying for a job or want to know whether someone has convictions, this guide will help you determine what to disclose.

The Basic DBS check is the lowest level of disclosure. It shows any unspent convictions and cautions on a person’s record. It is governed by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. It is not a comprehensive check, and it’s only sometimes possible to find all the details of an applicant’s background. However, it can help businesses make safer recruitment decisions.

Data Entry Dispute

You can dispute with the DBS if you think a mistake has been made on a DBS certificate. You can also contact the police and ask them to help you with your argument. If the DBS upholds your complaint, they will issue a new certificate for free. Detailed information about the DBS complaints process and how to make a complaint can be found on the DBS website.

You can also make representations to the DBS before they issue your certificate. This will depend on whether there was a mistake or if the information needed to be proportionate or reasonable. When I was trying to view my DBS certificate, I made sure there wasn’t any room for mistakes. Data Source Dispute

If you believe the information on your DBS certificate is incorrect, you can challenge it, and the DBS will correct it. It is also possible to challenge the news on your enhanced DBS check if it needs to be more reasonable or proportionate. However, if the DBS makes an error, you may be liable for damages if you are denied a job.

To start the dispute process, you must contact the DBS within three months of receiving the certificate. The method of rectification and finding the original source of the error can take several months. If you cannot contact the DBS within this timeframe, you can also contact the relevant licensing authority or employer to make a representation.

Reprint Request For Lost DBS Certificate

A DBS certificate can only be reprinted once, so if you lose yours, it is best to request a reprint. This should be done online and will take a couple of days to arrive. If you don’t receive the certificate within this time frame, you’ll need to apply again and pay the fee. If you’ve moved, change your address to receive the certificate at the correct address.

The DBS website allows you to track your certificate’s progress online. If your original certificate has been lost, damaged, or stolen, you can reprint it by submitting a reprint request. You only need to enter your name, date, and address. You should receive the reprint within 90 days of submitting the reprint request.

Adult First Check

The DBS system combines several checks to provide a background check on individuals. The Adult First check is one of these. It is more straightforward than the enhanced disclosure and is suitable for jobs requiring adult protection. It is not appropriate for jobs where children are involved. However, some employers may still need this background check, such as in care jobs.

The DBS Adult First Check is also known as the ISA Check. This check is a separate urgent search against the Adults Barred List and only applies to those applicants working with adults in Regulated Activities in the care sector. It is usually processed within 48 hours and allows care workers to start working before they receive their full DBS certificate.


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