How to Select the Best Indoor Plant for Your Environment

Plants add a touch of green to a space and help filter air. However, they require a certain level of care to thrive.

Are you the type who loves fussing over her plant baby? Then a plant might be the perfect choice for you.


Whether you’re a plant mom (or dad) with a thriving indoor jungle or just starting, finding the right houseplants for your space is a terrific approach to personalize your house. From brightening up a dark corner with trailing vines to adding visual interest to your bookshelf, there’s an indoor plants San Jose CA, for every room and design style.

Many plants will grow happily in various light levels, but each needs specific conditions to thrive. It’s helpful to use a light meter or your phone’s compass to test out which light is best for each spot in your home and to take readings at different times to discover the true nature of the light your space receives daily.

Low-light to bright indirect sunlight is ideal for most plants. For example, snake plants (with dramatic upright spikes and heart-shaped flowers that last for weeks) do well in bright light but never direct sun; crotons have vibrant leaves and can tolerate moderate to low light.


One of the great methods to level up is to add vegetation to your house and a room’s aesthetic and create a calm environment. It can also boost focus, decrease stress and improve air quality.

There are numerous varieties of indoor plants available. The size of your space should be considered first, especially if you’re looking for something that will grow. Many plants will grow larger indoors than they would in their natural environment.

For example, a Strelitzia nicolai (Bird of Paradise) can quickly reach up to 2 meters high and 1 meter wide indoors. The space you have for your houseplant will determine how long something takes to grow.

Avoid constantly moving your plants around, as this can be stressful for them. Try to find a home for them and stick with it unless you need to relocate them for maintenance. This will help them stay healthy and happy.


Adding greenery to your home is more than just a decor trend. The right plant can improve your air quality and boost your mood. But, before you run out to buy plants for every room in your house, it’s essential to take some time to study plant basics and select the best plant for your space.

Ideally, place a plant in a south-facing window where it can get plenty of sunlight. But if that’s not possible, east- and west-facing windows are also acceptable. If you don’t have any windows, consider purchasing an LED plant light to provide the brightest light for your plants.

The Croton plant, for example, is ideal for low-light rooms because it produces beautiful leaves in shades of red, yellow, and orange year-round. It also thrives in low-light conditions and only needs a small amount of water regularly. Another option is a tropical plant, like a fern or bromeliad, which can add lushness and drama to any room in the house.


A lack of sunlight in the winter isn’t just depressing for humans but can also seriously impact indoor plants. That’s why adjusting the light your houseplant receives during this season is essential. You can move the plant to a sunnier window or use an artificial UV lamp that mimics natural sunlight.

Move your plant to a more relaxed spot if it looks wilted or dry. Avoid heat sources like heaters and fireplaces, as well as drafts. These conditions can kill houseplants, mainly tropical species.

For the best results, gradually acclimate your plants to the colder temperatures by exposing them outdoors for an hour or two every day for a week. Then, gradually increase the amount of time they spend outdoors as the temperature begins to rise. This ensures a smooth transition to your home. Most plants prefer daytime temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with warmer nighttime temperatures.


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