How to Make the Most Out of Your Apartment Loft: A Guide


Many people think back to their first apartment with memories of old futons and hand-me-down furniture. This is because most people living in apartments are just starting out. In fact, 29% of apartment renters fit this demographic. 

These days, a modern style loft apartment are being more common. These apartments were once industrial buildings and feature large spaces and high ceilings.

Because of the modern style, many apartment loft spaces can feel cold and uninviting. You can create a warmer space you’ll love to hang out in with the right decor. 

We go over the best loft tricks to making your space feel homey and comfortable in our guide below. 

Stay Neutral 

Many lofts have an open concept floor plan. This means you’ll need to be careful when deciding on a color palette. Keep your colors neutral so that your space feels bigger. 

A neutral color scheme also allows you to have fun with your other apartment decor. Get a little wild with art prints or throw pillows to give your apartment character. 

Create Softness 

The industrial elements of a loft apartment can feel very stark if they are left alone. Bring in warmth by adding decor like plush rugs or overfilled couches. 

Arched mirrors and lamps are another way to soften the look of your space. Adding plants can bring some life to an otherwise cold room. 

Define Your Rooms 

One of the features of a loft is the openness of the floor plan. You’ll have to get creative when setting the floor plan up so that each room is well defined. Group furniture together so that each separate room has a particular spot. 

Have Fun With the Bonus Room 

Most lofts have a bonus loft space that you’ll need to take a ladder to access. Have fun with this apartment space by making it a game room! For a fun look, add an air-hockey table and bean bag chairs.

If you work from home, make this space your office. You’ll love having a place to work away from your living area. 


Get Creative With Storage 

Loft apartments aren’t known for their vast amounts of storage. You’ll need to use all of your space to ensure everything has a place to get put away. 

Use the tall ceilings to your advantage by adding storage up the entire wall. Add attractive baskets and bins to store your stuff in to look as good as it functions. 

Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture 

Make your furniture work for you! Buy pieces that do double-duty, like coffee tables that double as storage. These will help you save on space while looking great. 

With a Little Imagination, Your Apartment Loft Can Feel Like Home 

Getting to decorate your first apartment loft is an exciting right of passage. With some simple planning, you can make your apartment a space you will never want to leave! 

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