How to Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process: An Informative Guide


Warren Buffett once stated that the secret to effective management was hiring people smarter than you.

We wholeheartedly agree. That’s why we think it makes perfect sense to put time and effort into a hugely successful hiring process. That approach will give you the greatest chance of hiring the most talented people in your industry.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to improve your company’s existing hiring process to help you attract and sign up the best candidate for any role.

Approach Recruitment With A Marketing Mindset

Most people invest in marketing their products and services. But how many do the same with their careers page? The truth is if you want the best people, you need to make selling the benefits of you as a great employer part of your driver recruitment strategies (or whatever role you are looking to fill).

Revamp your website and create a comprehensive careers section. Add profiles of your most talented employees and let them talk about how much they love their job and how it has helped them grow in their careers.

Ensure you have a fully searchable page showing current job openings. Though you might be advertising on other sites, advertising on your corporate website will attract people who are specifically interested in your business.

Rewrite Your Job Descriptions

A competitive salary is a must, but think beyond money when it comes to hiring employees. Take a look at what benefits you include in your job description and whether you can revamp the offer to make it more attractive.

Here are some non-salary benefits you might want to mention in your job ad:

  • Health benefits
  • Paid leave
  • Flexible and remote working
  • Employee discounts

Don’t forget to add these to your website’s careers section, too. You might attract people who otherwise wouldn’t have considered applying for that role.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Candidates will be judging your business as much as you are judging them. Create a good impression by offering an efficient, organized, and streamlined recruitment process.

Several slight changes can make a big difference, for example:

  • Use a standardized job application form
  • Commit to giving feedback within a specific timeframe
  • Produce interview packs that include practical information to help a candidate plan their visit, e.g., parking and transport links

This approach will also cut down the questions directed to your recruitment team. So it’ll save you time and help you come across as professional.

Hire Outside Support

Many businesses aren’t yet large enough to have a full-time recruitment team. However, you still want to put your business in a position to compete with the biggest employers in your field.

In that case, you could hire external recruitment agencies to run the process on your behalf.

That will give you an immediate improvement to your hiring process steps without the upfront investment in a permanent in-house HR team to oversee it.

Stay Competitive With An Effective Hiring Process

A good hiring process is more than a tick in the box to find new employees. It’s a fundamental way to stay competitive and hire the most skilled candidates before your rivals snatch them up.

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