6 Common Condo Shopping Errors and How to Avoid Them


Did you know that around 73.9 million Americans live in condominiums?

Most prefer this lifestyle as it offers more convenience compared to owning a home. You enjoy a great living space and access to amenities without ever worrying about maintenance.

If you want to be one of these people, know the condo shopping errors to avoid. Read what we’ve prepared below to know what they are and how to prevent yourself from making for them.

1. Not Looking Into Condo Associations

After buying a condo, people don’t realize they’ll involve themselves with a community. People living in the same building often make up these communities, and they’re headed by a condo association. These are like homeowner associations, having a board of trustees leading them.

The board oversees the maintenance of utilities and the building’s well-being. They also take care of the community, often filing lawsuits on their behalf and settling disputes. Board members also handle financial transactions in the building, where most condo association fees come from. 

2. Failing To Get A Pre-Approved Loan

Going into a showing without a pre-approved loan is a surefire way to lose to other buyers. Not having one makes a seller think you’re not serious about condo shopping. They’re less likely to entertain your offers and will focus on others who show interest.

3. Shopping For Condos Without A Realtor

Many owners know the appeal of these living situations and are trying to get in on the market. Because of this, you’ll find tons of options for condos in the current market. Many explore all these options by themselves, but doing so is a grave mistake.

Shopping with a realtor is always the best move when looking for condos. They’ll know the best listings in your area, ensuring you don’t venture too far to find a nice place to settle in.

Realtors can also help you land a great deal by negotiating with the owner. Their experience in real estate means they know the approximate value of each property based on its location, amenities, and its neighboring areas.

4. Not Assessing Amenities

Condos are popular because of the amenities you have access to when living there. Most make the mistake of not checking what amenities the building provides. To prevent this from happening to you, tour the rest of the building when visiting condo units.

5. Not Learning About Rules And Regulations

After acquiring a property, owners will often give you a copy of the building’s rules and regulations. Read up on these to ensure you’re making any mistakes that cause eviction. Ignorance doesn’t excuse you from infringing on anything, so take time to understand the bylaws set by the Board.

6. Not Knowing What Condo You Want

The worst mistake you can make is not knowing what you want. You’ll end up buying a property you don’t enjoy because of this. Make sure you have a type in mind before shopping to avoid this.

If you want to be close to the ocean, look up the beach condos for sale in your area. Tons of other properties that will cater to what you want, so don’t be afraid to be specific.

Don’t Make These Condo Shopping Errors

Shopping for condos need not be a tense and anxiety-inducing task. Learning about the common condo shopping errors will take loads off of your shoulders and help you find the best condo in the market. Go look for the right condo and make the right decisions today!

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