How to Create the Best Product Image for Digital Marketing


Six out of ten people said images shape their buying decision when browsing online. When marketing your products, the quality of a product image is arguably a make-or-break scenario for your business.  

So what can you do to make sure your images stand out and convert those wavering visitors into eager buyers? Here are a few simple ways to improve your photo quality.  

Make Sure Your Image is High Resolution

Your image should be a high-resolution photo of a minimum of 1000 pixels. Choose a JPG file if you want a product photograph optimized to load quickly on your website (that’s important for SEO).

However, if you have a product containing lots of small detail, choose PNG format to give you a higher quality image. 

Keep It Simple

The image must draw the customer’s attention to the product, which means you shouldn’t have anything in the picture that will distract them. The exception is contextual images which we’ll discuss in the next section.

But for the primary photo, edit product images using a background remover to ensure that nothing is a distraction in the picture.

And make sure to use a single background color to help your product stand out. In most cases, that background will be white. 

Beautiful product photographs take experience and skill. You’ll need to know how to angle the photo for the best shot and get the lighting perfect. Refer to this site for more information on hiring skilled photographers. 

Use Contextual Images

Some products will work perfectly as a single image on a white background. An excellent example of this is if you are buying something low-cost and practical, like a toothbrush or screws. 

But that’s not the case for most products you sell online. Potential customers want to see that product contextually. They need to see what it looks like when used as intended and visualize that to make the purchase. 

That’s where contextual images come in handy. For example, you might photograph a coffee table in a stylish living room. Or you might snap a designer handbag carried by a model in an upmarket city bar. 

Illustrate with Measurements

Will that beautiful bookshelf fit your study? Will that fruit bowl take up too much space on your kitchen counter? These questions will go through your customer’s mind when browsing product images online.

You can make this easy by adding product pictures that contain dimensions as annotations on the photo.

While you might think this is excessive if you already contain dimensions in the product description, it’s not. Many impulse buyers won’t read long descriptions, but they will look at photos.

It will also reduce the risk of a customer asking to return an item they ordered if they realize the size isn’t what they needed or expected. 

Perfect Your Product Image Techniques

You have a fantastic website, unique products, and plenty of ambition. So don’t allow the quality of a product image to be your downfall. Follow these tips to help take your product photography to the next level. 

You’ll find many other helpful ways to market your business in our business and finance section, so why not check it out now? 


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