How to Choose a Commercial Property Management Company: 4 Key Qualities to Look For

How to Choose a Commercial Property Management Company

Today, small businesses employ about 59 million people in the United States. Considering all of these businesses need commercial property, it’s a way for you to rent out a building to them and make a profit. 

You might wonder how to choose a commercial property management company to run the building that you choose. You’re in luck! Read on to explore these tips you won’t want to miss in order to find the right management company for your needs and free up your time today!

1. Consider the Same Firm as Your Leasing Agency

See if the leasing company that you work with offers commercial property services. Issues can be handled smoother and it’ll be a quicker process since they’ll be handling the leasing and then commercial property management services. 

2. Reputation

Next, take a look at the reputation of the property management company for the commercial building. See if they have a large local presence since that’ll indicate that they’ll be able to address your property’s needs. This can include them having the connections, resources, and employees necessary. 

See if they have strong relationships with other businesses in the area. This means that they can obtain the materials necessary for routine maintenance. This can also include offering competitive prices. 

Along with the reputation of the managers, see about the reputation of the entire team that they have. They’ll have workers performing what needs to be done and you want to make sure that they’re going to be doing a good job.

3. Insurance

Find out about their insurance coverage in case something goes wrong. The best commercial property management company will have risk management and loss prevention programs. 

You’ll also want them to have a fidelity bond to protect against the loss of property or money through the dishonesty of employees. You’ll also want to ensure that they have protection against the alteration of checks, drafts, and forgery. 

4. Accreditation

A property management company that has the proper accreditation will have higher standards. They can have different certifications such as Real Property Administrator, Certified Shopping Center Manager, and Certified Property Manager. 

Find out if the team has these certifications as well. In order for them to meet this accreditation, they’ll have the proper experience and education necessary. 

They should also have knowledge of accounting, leasing, appraisal, law, sales, marketing, and maintenance. You’ll want them to be open with communication and honest about business dealings as well. The right management company will also be within your budget. 

What To Look For in a Commercial Property Management Company

After exploring this guide, you should get a better idea of how to choose a commercial property management company. Take your time picking out the right management company by following this guide.

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